6 songs to get you in the Homecoming spirit

Joel Thompson

Homecoming week is here at Colorado State University, and after six weeks of classes, it’s time for a change of pace. 

To pair with the changing of the season, and to prematurely celebrate finishing midterms, here are six new releases from a variety of artists to shake up your music taste this semester. 


  1. Just Friends – “Fever”

Just Friends’ latest song is a ballad of love: the perfect way to send off summer. Every song the band has released is danceable beyond belief, and this one is no exception. “Fever” invokes the feeling of driving in your car with the windows down and singing along with someone you love. This song feels timeless and is instantly classic. Just Friends successfully combines funk, pop and rock in a way that takes over your body, with no choice but to sing and dance along.

2. Lady Denim – “Cherry Limeade”

Fort Collins band Lady Denim released their upbeat and catchy pop-rock song about young love, “Cherry Limeade,” earlier this year. Along with their dreamy nature, Lady Denim brings an undeniable groove to this track. The change of tempo at 2:20 perfectly contrasts the previous upbeatness, and it builds up to the end. It’s a satisfying song and one that warrants repeat listens. 

3. Macseal – “Graduating Steps”

“Graduating Steps” is a song about the many failures and defeats of life but with a flowery and reassuring tone. Macseal brings an indie-pop feel to their usually emo/punk style, which allows a whole new depth to their already personal lyrics. The chorus is especially grabbing and relatable; the first time it comes is especially powerful, as it breaks through the slow, almost folky first verse.  

These songs can be streamed on Spotify and Apple Music. 

4. Rex Orange County – “10/10”

Rex Orange County brings another one of his classic sorrowful upbeat pop songs with “10/10.” The track has a grand feel to it, especially the organ-like synths backing Rex’s rap/pop hybrid vocals. Everything in this song feels right. There’s a certain synergy with the beat, instruments and vocals that bring you into it. Rex has a way of dealing with normally serious and melancholy themes with positivity and optimism. 

5. Soccer Mommy – “lucy”

Soccer Mommy has a track record of releasing perfect emo tunes for any occasion, and while “lucy” is no exception, it also takes almost a psychedelic rock approach to her normally vulnerable songs. She also invokes some of Avril Lavigne’s slower grungier tracks in “lucy.” The chorus, which is more traditionally aligned with Soccer Mommy’s dreamy emo nature, perfectly contrasts the soft grunge backing. 

6. Gus Dapperton – “I Got The Floor”


Gus Dapperton is an artist committed to aesthetic, but he successfully brings a darker feel to his signature dream dance style. All of his songs evoke very specific feelings and imagery, and “I Got The Floor” is no different. It embraces the dark side of techno, and it’s the closest thing I’ve felt to being at the after party of a European goth discotech rave. The consistent beat throughout is perfect to nod your head to. Dapperton’s vocals start off hushed and personal, and then he transitions into his normal drawn-out nature. The low-fi nature of the song’s beginning almost feels like the calm before the storm. 

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