Aggie Theatre shows to look forward to this semester

Maddie Wright

The Aggie Theatre in Fort Collins brings a new round of shows to look forward to in the upcoming semester. With shows for hip-hop, reggae, comedy, EDM and plenty of other genres, the Aggie sets the pace for a musically inclined season.

Here are some shows people can look forward to at the Aggie Theatre this spring. 


Nappy Roots

For those feeling like they need a break after the first two days of classes, Nappy Roots has got it covered. Coming to the Aggie Jan. 23, hip-hop group Nappy Roots joins forces with Fort Collins’ creative organization and music group Kind Dub, Colorado-based musician Alex Knox and southern rapper Docta Mario for an evening of music. Nappy Roots is an alternative southern rap group that was the best selling hip-hop group of 2002 with hits like “Po’ Folks” and “Good Day”. Through this show and all of its acts, the international fame of Nappy Roots brings in and supports musical movements across the country and localizes to Fort Collins.

Todd Barry

For those curious about comedy coming to the Aggie during this semester, Todd Barry performs on Feb. 8. Barry is a New York City-based comedian whose resume includes a long list of shows, movies and specials. Perhaps most famously, he starred in the episode “The Third Conchord” on the HBO series “Flight of the Conchords.” His stand-up is described as a deadpan, self-depreciative and absurdist style with a low-key stage presence. He has been on many talks shows performing stand-up and has a laundry list of television guest appearances, including “Chappelle’s Show” and “Tim and Eric.”

The Aggie theatre.
(Colin Shepherd | Collegian)


Coming back into the music scene after their 3-year hiatus, American roots reggae band Groundation performs at the Aggie Theatre on Feb. 15. They take the stage alongside the Denver-based band Rastasaurus with their music they describe as “New American Reggae”, which is inspired by an assortment of musical genres. Roots Massive, a Northern Colorado-based group, will also be performing. 

J Boog

Reggae singer J Boog comes to the Aggie stage on Feb. 23 with reggae groups EarthKry and Eddy Dyno. The artist has toured the world and is credited with opening doors for the Polynesian music community. J Boog first rose into the Reggae scene in 2007 with his debut album, “Hear me Roar”. Four years, later he released “Backyard Boogie” which brought him the Best Entertainer Award at the 2010 International Reggae and World Music Awards.


Low and heavy electronic musician Yheti comes to the Aggie on March 7 with sound and genre explorer NastyNasty and energetic DJ group Sfam. On his current “Deformed” tour, Yheti creates dance and electronic music for SoundCloud and Spotify with an “ever morphing detailed sound sculpture that plays with the souls of those open to the more experimental, surreal, low end heavy side of electronic music” with the intention to create a dance climate with “high energy base, deep rhythms, and soul driven melodies,” according to the Aggie website. The Backwoods performer will bring bass vibes and jams to the Aggie stage for all EDM listeners.



Phutureprimative describes their music as “dripping wet love drops of nasty mind melting sonic bliss.” So, get ready for that on March 22 with earthy beat creator Plantrae, Denver-based instrumental hip-hop artist Edamame and electronic musician Mumukshu. With a performance of rhythm and groove-heavy beats, Phutureprimitive sets out to generate a kinetic experience for their audience. The artist dedicates himself to creating a unique musical experience for the body, mind and spirit. His hits include “Cryogenic Dreams” and “Journey to Lands End.”


For the infamous April 20 holiday, rock, rap, reggae and funk group 311 will come to perform their hybrid of sounds with the hopeful release of their new album this spring. With up and coming reggae artist Jesse Royal on tour with them, the show is already sold out. But even so, there are ways to get tickets through the Aggie website.

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