Tiffany Haddish and Kevin Hart make the grade in ‘Night School’

Deja Calloway

Going back to school never seemed more fun in the new comedy “Night School.”

Last week Director Malcolm D. Lee partnered with Kevin Hart and “Girl’s Trip” Oscar-nominated star Tiffany Haddish to give a lesson on comedy in his adult-comedy “Night School.”


“Night School” is about a flashy, high school dropout named Teddy (Kevin Hart) who unexpectedly loses his job and finds himself unable to keep up his expensive lifestyle. Determined to keep up his façade and impress his new fiancé, Teddy decides to return to his old high school to get his GED and enrolls into night classes taught by Miss Carrie (Tiffany Haddish). Through Miss Carrie’s comically tough lessons and life’s own curve balls, Teddy soon realizes that anything in life worth having is worth working for.

Making her sophomore debut, Haddish’s role as a brash, concerned educator showcases the actress’ abilities and gives her a different look. Miss Carrie’s role presents Haddish in a serious light while delivering on the comedic performance set by her previous roles in Lee’s, “Girl Trip” and TBS’s “The Last OG.”

With a slew of jabs and inappropriate banter, Hart and Haddish are a dynamic duo and their roles give to the film’s overall hilarity. 

In addition to Hart and Haddish’s on-screen comedic bouts and punchlines, Teddy’s classmates: a ‘woke’ conspiracy theorist,  a hilarious house mom,  a newly unemployed waiter, a prison inmate via Skype and a teenage party girl also delivers laughs.

Although the film takes on a Karate Kid feel at times, “Night School” establishes its own identity with its silliness. After an initial combative start, Miss Carrie takes Teddy under her wings and whips him into shape to pass his GED test, which includes actually taking him to an MMA ring and training him to focus.

Should you watch it? Yes.

On top of a hilariously strange supporting cast, Hart and Haddish complement in each other well. I recommend “Night School” to anyone looking for some good laughs and lessons.

“Night School” is now showing in Cinemark and AMC theaters.

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