Travonn Redding and Tyler Aguilar’s streetwear brand, League Worlds, advocates self-expression

Henry Netherland

A local streetwear brand encourages its customers to express themselves.

(Photo courtesy of Instagram account: letdevshootyou)

After a two year hiatus, Colorado State University students Travonn Redding and Tyler Aguilar are returning with their streetwear brand, League Worlds.


Redding and Aguilar met in high school after discovering their shared passion for skateboarding. It was not until March of 2015 that they decided to collaborate artistically.

“(League Worlds) is like an umbrella that kind of houses us as artists that allows us to be able to work together and expand our horizons,” Aguilar said.

According to the duo, the concept behind the clothing line sends a strong message of creativity and self expression. The brand claims every person is a planet that is different in its own unique way.

“If you have the power to make a world, what are you going to make?,” Aguilar said. 

Due to Redding and Aguilar’s passion for skateboarding, the clothing designs are heavily influenced by skate culture. Aguilar said it is difficult to find a streetwear brand that is not influenced by skate culture in any way, shape or form. Artistically, Redding cites Virgil abloh, Caravaggio, science and math, and his grandfather as being his main influences.

The pair is unsure of exactly when they decided to go on hiatus, but they are confident that it has been over two years.

“We went on hiatus because we were all moving in so many different directions just building upon ourselves,” Redding said in an email. “It was a necessary process in a way because we learned a lot on our own and just had more to offer each other from each of our travels.”

Looking back on the brand’s existence, Redding and Aguilar are proud with what the company has accomplished so far.

“We’ve had a lot of events multiple pop-up shops, DJ sets things like that,” Aguilar said. “But what’s most important is the community we’ve built around that.”

(Photo courtesy of League Worlds)

While the company is still fairly new – only having two seasons – it has amassed a sizeable following on social media with over 1,000 followers on Instagram. In the future, they hope to give the brand longevity in order to expand their business and increase both the quantity and quality of their products.


There is no set date for when the pair plans to make their return; however, they have confirmed that a new season should be released by this upcoming December. They have also refrained from disclosing any specifics of what fans can expect at the upcoming pop-up shops, but they guarantee it will be a unique experience.

In the past, the brand has used primarily screen printed t-shirts with a few cut and sew jackets. For the next season, they have started to design their own garments completely, according to Redding.

To stay updated with any changes to the brand, follow League Worlds on Instagram.

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