Red Rocks Amphitheater to change ticketing system, improving accessibility for disabled audience members

Maddie Wright

Colorado’s famous concert venue, Red Rocks Amphitheater, is in the process of changing how they sell and distribute tickets to better assist those with accessibility needs.

The venue management announced that this new system will be implemented in 2018.


The change will mostly affect the first four rows of the amphitheater, because that’s where the more easily accessible seats are. Those who use wheelchairs only have two rows to sit in; the front row and the 70th.

A reason for this change is that these seats are frequently bought and then re-sold, according to a statement by Denver Arts & Venues. The concern with a lack of accessibility lead to a lawsuit on the city of Denver, which owns Red Rocks, by a group of

The moon over Red Rocks Amphitheater Photo credit: Jonny Rhein

advocates for disabled individuals in December 2016. The plaintiffs were not asking for money but rather change.

“With these new procedures, we are excited to put tickets in the hands of fans who truly need these accessible seats so they can experience the magic of Red Rocks,” said Red Rocks venue manager Tad Bowman in a statement.

For all shows after Feb. 1 2018, these tickets must be used by the original purchaser who must show their identification before sitting.

The AXS’ Flash Seats program will be the only ticketing system allowed in these first four rows and will be the prefered method for the rest of the venue. Flash Seats describes themselves as “an innovative, cutting-edge solution” for sports and entertainment industries.

Instead of physical tickets, the system has the concert goer receives tickets via their registered Flash Seats account and provide identification which an employee swipes. No paper tickets will be accepted at the venue. According to Flash Seats, it is easy and quick. Other concert venues, such as the Pepsi Center, are already using this system.

People buying first row tickets must confirm that they are in need of accessible seating. They will also get wrist bands at Red Rocks to allow them access to these seats.

People buying more than one ticket need to show up with their entire party in order to initially get into the stadium and be together to get to their designated seating. If someone arrives not with the person who originally bought the tickets, they will not be allowed entry.

If these conditions are broken, refunds will not be given.


Some tickets that are on sale now, including Niall Horan, Barenaked Ladies, and X Ambassadors, are using this new system.

However, this new system does not affect special programs that take place at Red Rocks, such as their fitness programs or Film on the Rocks.

More About Red Rocks Amphitheater’s new ticket system:

  • This system goes into effect February 2018
  • The first four rows must purchase tickets through Flash Seats
  • These rows must provide identification and must be used by the initial purchaser
  • Those who purchase first row tickets must confirm their need for accessible tickets
  • Those buying multiple tickets must show up with their entire party

Collegian reporter Maddie Wright can be reached at or on Twitter @maddierwright.