Action Bronson steps into the arena at Ogden Theater

Miles Parrish

Rapper, TV personality, and former chef, Action Bronson, visited the Ogden Theater on Thursday for his “Blue Chips 7000” tour alongside punk band, Trash Talk.

Action Bronson took the stage like a boxing ring as he opened with “Wolfpack“, throwing verbal punches in every direction while signing copies of his cookbook, “F*ck That’s Delicious” passed to him by the crowd with pure charisma.


The Ogden Theater began to feel like less a simple concert venue and more like an arena as I was witness to Action Bronson throwing lyrics like a series of right hooks as he not only manned the stage, but made it his own. As he was pacing from side to side of the stage in a display of nonchalance, the crowd simply bumped their heads in unison to the beats booming around them.

Throughout the concert, Action Bronson dominated his performance with fresh but old-school approach to rap as seen on songs such as “Falconry” off of his previous album “Mr. Wonderful” and “Hot Pepper” which he performed alongside longtime friend and fellow rapper, Meyhem Lauren

It is clear that Bronson gets a lot of credit for his ability to take the 90’s/old school style of drum breaks and stylize it in such a way that it feels aged but new. Not far into the concert, it was clear that the crowd was there to jump around to intense beats, but instead to simply watch in joy as Action Bronson slayed beats with his humorous yet fierce demeanor. 

Action Bronson closed his set at the Ogden with pure badassery with his song “Easy Rider“. As this song came to an end the words “Ride the Harley into the sunset” were reverberating throughout the venue as if Bronson’s charisma had been transferred to all in attendance. And as I left the Ogden Theater, I couldn’t help but feel the same way.