One of the world’s largest dispensaries opens Fort Collins location

Sarah Ehrlich

Video by McKenna Shanholtz

There’s a new solution to your cannabis needs now open on College Avenue.


The Green Solution, a chain of recreational marijuana stores, opened their newest location in Fort Collins. The Colorado-based company offers an extensive line of flower, concentrates, edibles, novelty items and basically anything someone would need to have a quality time getting high.

a close up of cannabis flower.
Cindy White, pictured here, is the Green Solution’s most popular strain. Known for its happy and euphoric effects, this strain has won a few awards at the annual High Times Cannabis Cup. (Sarah Ehrlich | Collegian)

“Top tier level service, that’s our biggest thing,” Josh Frederickson, general manager, said. “We shake your hand, walk you through the store and get to know your needs. It’s a very personal, one on one transaction that goes on.”

The Green Solution’s flagship store in Thornton is known to be one of the largest dispensaries in the world, where they see about 1,000 customers a day. The Fort Collins location is the chain’s 13th addition.

The sleek and modern design of this dispensary makes anyone inside of it feel like a kid in a candy store, which is fitting because the store has plenty of medicated candy to choose from.

Green Solutions offers an informational cannabis buying experience. From the usual flower, gummies and rows of shatters and waxes you would see at any other dispensary, Green Solutions is unique in being one of the few dispensaries that sells female clone plants for those who want to start growing and enjoying cannabis from the start.

a marijuana dispensary
Some people have called The Green Solution the “Apple Store of weed”, because of its modern design and technology. (Sarah Ehrlich | Collegian)

“Everyone in the industry, even just a budtender, has strong influence in the industry and where it is headed,” Scott Siclari, retail assistant manager, said. “There are benefits that cannabis offers across society

that we haven’t even discovered yet.”

Siclari wants people to know that cannabis is meant for everyone and their health, which is why the Green Solution prides themselves on their CBD products. CBD is the non-psycho active component of cannabis that can be a therapeutic option for a range of illnesses like Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis and cancer. People with everyday pain have also found much success in using CBD products.

“The anecdotal evidence that I’ve seen, like people are off opioids and are now using a CBD salve,” Sicalri said. “Imagine in 20 years when there’s been a bunch of academic studies where they can pinpoint exactly which chemicals are effecting which part of the body, and they start curing with things.”

Another unique aspect of the Green Solution is the informational iPad available with every strand of cannabis. Jacob Krause, a team leader at the Fort Collins Green Solution, explains why it’s important.  


a nug of marijuana
A screen of information is shown with every strain this dispnesary offers. These screens show the chemical breakdown of each strain, educating the customer on what they are smoking. (Sarah Ehrlich | Collegian)

“It’s not just about indica, sativa and hybrid anymore,” Krause said. “We break it down further into the terpenes each strand has, which is helpful for customers.”

Location: 810 N College Ave

Hours of operation: Sunday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 7:45 p.m.

More information and a list of products are available at

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