Fans discuss theories for season 2 of ‘Stranger Things’

Maddie Wright

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The second season of the cult Netflix series “Stranger Things” comes out Friday. It has been over a year since the initial release, and people across the world have been speculating about what is going to happen. 

“Stranger Things” has an element for everyone and the potential to be enjoyed by anyone.


“Everyone I know that has watched it has enjoyed it, and they all have very different tastes,” said Kyra Ferguson, a junior majoring in communication studies. 

Although it’s classified as science-fiction/horror, you don’t have to be a fan of these genres to appreciate “Stranger Things.” 

“Personally, I’m a fan of anything in the horror/thriller genre, but it has a little bit of something for everyone,” said Crickette Miller, a junior double majoring in English and political science.”And if you like the way horror movies looked in the `80s, you will absolutely love ‘Stranger Things.'” 

But not everybody likes the horror aspect. 

“It was kind of scary at times, and I didn’t like that,”said Morgan Crump, a sophomore studying fish and wildlife conservation biology. “The whole scary stuff is not my thing.” 

The costumes and sheer aesthetic of the show paint a picture of the 1980s in a nostalgic way but also in an appealing way. With the high waisted jeans, thin leather watches and penny loafers, the costume department for this show paid attention to detail.

“I honestly really identify with the wardrobe,” Crump said.

Since the first season ended, fans have been guessing the fate of the characters. And when it comes to theories, there are a lot.

Some claim that Police Chief Jim Hopper is actually Will Byer’s father. Others say that the monster is actually Eleven. The first season gave fans eight episodes to pick apart and figure out what’s really going on. Some theories do go into more character development. One being the sexual orientation of a minor character that got a lot of attention: Barb.

“Well, with good reason, people in the queer community often look for representation in their shows,” Miller said. “It’s important, there’s no reason for there to not be representation there, and so I think Barb is the obvious choice.”


Miller said a telling sign is Barb’s style. 

“I really do enjoy those mom jeans,” Miller said. “And two, it’s a little bit hard to tell if she’s attached to Nancy in a friendship way or possibly in a romantic way. That might never get resolved because she looked pretty dead. That’s a theory, but it’s frustrating that it might never go anywhere.”

While there are many elements of the show that fans adored, there were some that fans could do without.

“If Steve Harrington wasn’t in it, I’d be okay,” Ferguson said. “(I didn’t like) his whole side plot.”

Same goes for the romantic elements thrown into the show.

“The teenage romance, I did not need that,” Crump said. “Like, really? Did that have to date?”

Just over a year ago, people had no idea who Millie Bobby Brown was or the “IT” star Finn Wolfhard were. And now these kids are huge thanks to this show. Fans are really excited to see the return of their favorite characters and have high hopes for their capabilities.

“I want to see Eleven destroy everything; I want her to be the female power that she is and freaking rock it,” Crump said. “I want Eleven to be the ten-year-old Beyonce that slays the day she is queen of ‘Stranger Things.’”

But regardless of the theories, the side plots, the spookiness, fans are ready for the premiere, according to Crump.

“Bring on season two; let us all praise in the glory that is ‘Stranger Things.’”

“Stranger Things” Season Two:

  • Premiers Oct. 27
  • On Netflix 

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