CSU ROTC program cheers on football team with pushups

Chris Webb

If you have been to a football game at Colorado State University, you have seen them. They are known as the pushup crew from the CSU Reserve Officer Training Corp, or ROTC program.

Men in uniforms do pushups
Members of Colorado State University ROTC do pushups every time the football team scores (Seth Bodine | Collegian)

The ROTC program is almost as old as CSU, in fact, the program started nine years after CSU was founded in 1890.


Each time the Rams score the pushup crew completes pushups for the increment of the latest score. For example, if the Nick Stevens runs in a touchdown and the extra point is good, the crew does seven pushups. If on the very next play the opponent fumbles and the Rams score again, the crew now completes the new score amount, in this case, 14 total pushups. As the game goes on, the crew increases the number of pushups performed.

The pushup crew is comprised of the Air Force and Army ROTC students. The cadets enjoy the crew, even though it can be taxing on the body.The pushups not only reflect school spirit but the physical strength required for the military.

“I liked the idea,” said CSU student Jack Brady. “Schools do this all over the country. It signifies military strength.”

In the recent win over Oregon State, each member of the pushup crew completed 313 pushups.

“(The crowd) cheers us on, especially when we get the high numbers,” said Cadet Robert Jensen with the Air Force ROTC.

A member of the Air Force ROTC leads pushups after a Colorado State field goal during the second quarter of the Rocky Mountain Showdown on September 1, 2017 at Mile High Stadium. (Elliott Jerge | Collegian)

For the cadets, the pushup crew allows them to build strength and show school spirit.

“It’s a fun experience,” said Cadet Will Brown with Air Force ROTC. “It’s a good feeling cheering on the team.”

To see the pushup crew in action, attend the next CSU football game at home on Oct. 14 against Nevada.

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