CSU alum develops hangover cure

Sarah Ehrlich

Many would agree that a horrible hangover is inevitable after a night of heavy drinking. But Colorado State University alum Bill Halamicek believes otherwise.

Hangover Painover is an herbal supplement designed to relieve the pesky symptoms of a hangover, developed by Halamicek. This supplement is a patented mix of vitamins and nutrients you can mix into any type of drink. This remedy is not just for hangovers but for anytime you are feeling run down and need a boost.


A packet of the powdered supplementHangover Painover, with an aisle of wine in the background.
Hangover Painover is the brain child of CSU alum Bill Halamicek, who has been researching the effects of vitamins as a cure for hangovers for over 20 years. (Sarah Ehrlich | Collegian)

“While I was going to CSU, we all liked to have a good time, and my friends would complain about their hangovers,” Halamicek said. “So, I started researching vitamins and ways to cure a hangover, even though everyone told me there wasn’t one.”

Halamicek studied business at CSU and graduated in 1982. He’s been a stockbroker and a sales representative, and he has worked for businesses like Skype. After working in these fields, Halamicek decided to delve deeper into his interest of vitamins. 

“I just kept tinkering with this supplement,” Halamicek said. “Changing the ingredients, the combination of vitamins. Something clicked, and suddenly people are coming to me saying, ‘you have to patent this.’”

Halamicek says because this supplement is in powder form, your body will absorb the nutrients faster than it would if you took a pill. It can start being effective within 20 minutes. This supplement has seven vitamins including Vitamin C, which detoxifies the body, and B vitamins that revive your mood, nerve cells and digestive track.

“You get a hangover because you are dehydrated, and this supplement gives you the nutrients you need,” said Vishal Kapoor, an employee at C&C Liquor, a distributor of Hangover Painover. “Halamicek is a one man show with good intentions. He has been working on this for a long time.”

It is recommended to drink Hangover Painover before you go to bed or before a night out. In addition to drinking water throughout the night, according this Halamicek, this supplement will give you a fighting chance against the dreadful hangover. 

“The worse thing about a hangover for me is the headache,” said Asher Gamino, a second year graphic design student at CSU.“I usually just chug a ton of water and take an Advil. I am skeptical about anything that says it is a cure all for a hangover, but I would be willing to try Hangover Painover. Why not?”

Hangover Painover can be found at various liquor stores, including C&C Liquor in Fort Collins, and online at hangoverpainover.com

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