Peace, Love and Little Donuts brings novelty to Fort Collins

Mareena Winchell

Location: 632 S. College Ave Fort Collins

Hours of Operation:


Monday-Wednesday: 7 a.m.–7 p.m.

Thursday-Saturday: 7 a.m.–10 p.m.

Sunday: 8 a.m.–5 p.m.


With the slogan “Feed your inner hippie,” Peace, Love, and Little Donuts offers an endless combination of doughnuts to the residents in the Fort Collins area.

an outsider's view of what the sign looks like right outside the donut shop in old town
Peace, Love and Little Donuts is located on College and serves a variety of flavors. (Mareena Winchell | Collegian)

From the music to the overall ambiance, the shop encompasses a 1970s atmosphere.

“I would here because it’s fun, just doughnuts and happiness,” said Tana Schneider, an employee at Peace, Love and Little Donuts. “The morning and weekends is when we see the most business. If I could describe this shop in two words it would be ‘happy carbs.’” 

The doughnuts at Peace, Love, and Little Donuts are made from cake batter, which gives it a denser texture, Schneider said.

“The restaurant’s name gives away that the doughnuts are miniature sized, but they do pack a punch,” said Megan Oldham, a third-year human development and family studies major at Colorado State University. “It was my first time eating here, and I was so taken back by how cute the doughnuts were and how themed the doughnut shop was. As a person who typically does not like doughnuts I thought I would give Peace, Love and Little Donuts a try because I have heard a lot of hype about it.”

Within the wide variety of donuts, they are divided into three different categories, which gives customers the option of choosing between Groovy, Far Out and Funkadelic.


The Groovy selection includes cinnamon sugar, powdered sugar and honey glazed.

the "hippie vibe" that Peace, Love and Little Donuts gives out
The inside of Peace, Love and Little Donuts has a 1970s aesthetic.

The Far Out portion incorporates different types of frosted donuts like chocolate, vanilla and mocha.

The Funkadelic section has not only diverse types of frostings but also, a wild variation of toppings that include, maple bacon, apple pie and raspberry lemonade.

showing the different types of donuts
Peace, Love and Little Donuts offers doughnuts with frosting.
(Mareena Winchell | Collegian)

“The only way I could explain Peace, Love, and Little Donuts to someone would be how it is just like Subway but with Donuts,” said Tiara Slippner, a first-year economics major at CSU. “You get to choose what you want on the doughnuts and they are made right in front of you, from batter and all.” 

Each doughnut can range from 90 cents to $1.45 each. Customers have the option to buy half-dozen or dozen packs.

“Anytime is a good time for some Peace, Love, and Little Donuts,” said Julianna Cervi, a third-year business major at CSU. “It is a good spot to check out for breakfast. People should try this place because the doughnuts are tasty and fresh—and little if you are healthy and into that. I would argue that Peace, Love, and Little Donuts doesn’t compare to Voodoo Donuts, and if they did I would say that Peace, Love, and Little Donuts is a little more kid friendly” 

Peace, Love, and Little Donuts finds a way to incorporate special events with specialty doughnuts. They have had a CSU doughnut that shows some Ram Pride and an eclipse 2017 doughnut.

“I’m crazy for the cinnamon roll doughnut,” said Thomas Monar, an employee at the doughnut shop. “I have had four of those doughnuts today. It is a blessing and a curse to work here because you can have (doughnuts) at anytime. I personally also like how into charity we are here. Around three days a week we do some type of charity-type deal, and pass out free doughnuts.” 

a half-dozen box of donuts including, peanut butter frosting, boston cream pie, two cinnamon sugar donuts, and a chocolate donut
Peace, Love and Little Donuts offers a Gluten-Free Monday event.
(Mareena Winchell | Collegian)

The shop also has Gluten-Friendly Monday, when the first batch of the day is gluten free. 

This groovy spot has made its mark on Fort Collins by being the first franchise in the state of Colorado.

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