Alec Reviews Music: Quiet Company expands sound with ‘Your Husband, The Ghost.’

Alec Erickson

EP: “Your Husband, The Ghost.”

Genre: Alternative Rock


Length: 18 minutes 

When it comes to relationships, things always seem obvious in hindsight. Everything that you could have done differently and often wish that you did are things that begin to haunt you. When you think of how you could have been a different person, you sometimes get filled with regret, and that is the driving force behind Quiet Company’s latest EP, “Your Husband, The Ghost.”

Album cover of Quiet Company's Your Husband The Ghost
Photo Courtesy: iTunes

Quiet Company is out to make 2017 their year. The Austin, Texas, outfit has already released an EP earlier this year. 

Quiet Company has always been strong in giving listeners a good amount of diversity in their work, which leaves everything sounding fresh and new. 

“Your Husband, The Ghost” is a five track EP that clocks in at 18 minutes in length. This EP stands out purely based on the fact that it packs a punch. From lyrics to sound, everything on here really tries to hit home with listeners and succeeds in a lot of ways. Quiet Company will make you feel something when listening to them, and that is something to be appreciated.

Long time fans might recognize Taylor Muse’s vocals at some points on the lead track “On Ex-Husbands and Wives” because there is a lot more pain and ambiance in his delivery. Muse is a front man that already has a wide range when it comes to his singing, so it is refreshing to hear something that is kind of new right out of the gate. Accompanying the vocals on “On Ex-Husbands and Wives” is a heavier melody, and while it may not be as layered as other tracks, it still manages to create a wall of sound that envelopes the listener.

Following this track we get to listen to “We Should Go To Counseling,” which changes thing up not drastically but more noticeably from before. Quiet Company has managed to create something that is more mature when it comes to relationships. Everything on “Your Husband, The Ghost” really deals with different levels of a failing relationship, and “We Should Go To Counseling” is more about denial and trying to make things work.

Then, tracks like “Oh, The Humanity!” is about acceptance. There is a lot under the surface of what you are listening to that will make you come back again and again.

The closing track on this EP is what really should sell listeners to Quiet Company. “On Guilty Pleasures” is a rollercoaster of a listen from start to finish. There is a lot to digest, and honestly, it doesn’t carry a overwhelming amount of nuance when you listen to it. It is some of Quiet Company’s finest mixed and tracked work on their already impressive discography. When you consider the fact that they tackle themes as big as they did with “Your Husband, The Ghost,” it puts it up there with any of their full lengths they have released.

Should you listen to it?: Absolutely!


Quiet Company has always been tackling these massive ideas and making them into well rounded and enjoyable tracks; everything on “Your Husband, The Ghost” is no exception to that. While a lot of people may not be able to relate with it, this EP comes from a meaningful and deep place. This is a band that is constantly evolving their sound, and with this EP, they continue to do so. Quiet Company always manage to keep things fresh.

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