Alec Reviews Music: The News Can Wait releases infectious EP

Alec Erickson

When it comes to EPs, you have a certain expectation as a listener. You expect the tracks to be a bit more varied as a band is either trying something new or trying to get a footing. That is not the case with The News Can Wait. They take their self-titled EP and do what they want with it, delivering something that is more rounded and clean for a fledgling alternative-punk band. “The News Can Wait” is a EP that is as entertaining as it is well produced.

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The News Can Wait is an alternative punk band based out of Dallas, Texas. This four-piece band can be traced back all the way to 2005. In the last 12 years, the band has self-released three EPs. This is a band that has plenty of time to work on their sound, which has led them to signing with Third String Records and the release of their latest release, an EP that is charged with hooks that are well written and melodies that are both complex and refreshing. “The News Can Wait” is the culmination of a decade’s work as this band has really been defining who they are.


“The News Can Wait” is a brief five track record that clocks in at around 17 minutes. From start to finish, it is a hardcore ride with guitar solos and a memorable vocal performance from Chad Webster. It isn’t hard to find a track that really sinks in, and before you know it, you are tapping your foot or banging your head along to the rhythm. While it does kick off on a more awkward note, the rest of the EP carries itself well. Each track has their own signature that is surprisingly well thought out. While it is very well produced there still is a raw energy to it that provides a more DIY feel to the EP.

Kicking off “The News Can Wait” is the shortest track, “Slime.” While this track carries a simple chord progression and melody, it is still fun to shout along with. It begins to fall apart about two-thirds through when it tries to slow down and add in more layers, but before you really have a time to react, it ends. “Slime” then leads into what is arguably the best track on the entire EP, “Clemens,” which handles progression as well as any ballad out there, nailing incremental additions to create a wall of sound. It is with this track that Webster’s vocal performance shines. This track picks up and breaks down in a more refreshing way than anything we’ve had this year. “Clemens” is what most likely keeps listeners coming back time and time again to this EP.

As for the rest of the EP, you get some subtle surprises with tracks like “Demonstrations” or “Five One Zero.” While the former rides the coattails of “Clemens,” it is here you get more range out of Webster’s vocals, and they are much more cleaned up this time. While it has more of a similar melody, it carries a much more heavier sound with it. “Demonstrations” is easily the hard-core song on the EP. Then you get something like “Black Gold,” which switches up the sound to be a bit lighter and has less emphasis on a driving bassline. Again, Webster is showcasing his wide range, but it is with “Black Gold” that is vocals begin to take a back seat to the rhythm of the guitar and drums. It isn’t a bad thing either; this is just where it is the most apparent to this point. This is the most rhythmically driven song, and it shows. Rounding off the EP, we are treated to “Five One Zero,” adding in more acoustic elements and building off of that. “Five One Zero” is the perfect closing with its many peaks and valleys. This is where everything that worked best about the previous songs all come together and culminate into a singular vision.

Should you listen to it?: Absolutely

The News Can Wait has delivered one of the most well produced EPs of the year. While it does have its moments and isn’t necessarily perfect by any means, it is as fun to listen to as anything else. There is plenty for any fan of punk and alternative music to appreciate. “The News Can Wait” is an infectious and heavy listen.

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