About the desk: Arts & Culture

Randi Mattox and Zoë Jennings

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Arts and Culture Director Randi Mattox and Arts and Culture Editor Zoe Jennings

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The arts and culture desk aims to bring the artistic and cultural practices of people on campus and in Fort Collins to Collegian readers. This desk is particularly exciting to work for because arts and culture encompasses everything. There is a human interest angle in every story that is out there. Our job is to find those angles and write articles that showcase the unique practices and lifestyles of people in the community.

We have a very broad definition of what constitutes artistic expression. There are the obvious types of artists like student filmmakers, local musicians, painters, photographers, culinary experts, clothing designers and authors. But, there are also the less obvious types of artists that we also try to include in our coverage like business entrepreneurs, people with unique or uncommon jobs, inventors, community leaders and all other types of people who create new things or have exciting ideas.

Because we are in Colorado, we also like to include outdoor activities in our coverage are artists. Although the Collegian has a sports desk, the arts and culture desk focuses on the coverage of sports like rock-climbing, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, yoga, slack-lining, long boarding and other activities that are more specific to the everyday CSU student.

The culture side of the desk is focused on highlighting the different ways of thinking and expressing that are within our community. This coverage typically includes the events hosted by the diversity offices on campus and the cultural organizations in town. We hope to be as inclusive as possible in our coverage of the different cultures that students and community members represent.

This side of our desk also includes articles about religion, spirituality or just interesting things that make someone’s way of living separate from the norm. We find it important to know and understand that our campus and town is full of people from all walks of life, and we try to uncover the most interesting aspects of those lives and create an educational and entertaining article about them.

We also broaden the typical definition of culture to include local culture and college culture. Coverage of local culture is most frequently about festivals or the booming beer industry, but we also like to recount interesting historical events and feature people or businesses that are an integral part of the community. For our coverage of college culture, we like to ask students to respond to popular culture events, or we like to write articles about parties, jobs, roommates and other relatable aspects of being a college students.

We believe that everyone has a story. Every student, professor and community member has something interesting about their life that would make for a good article. Arts and culture is all about showcasing the community.

Arts and culture editors Zoe Jennings and Randi Mattox can be reached at entertainment@collegian.com or on Twitter @zoe_jennings4 and @randi_mattox.