The Maine hits Denver for first stop on the Little Lovely Lonely tour

Adelayde Dahlin

Alternative rock band The Maine took the stage at Summit Music Hall Thursday night and brought bands 1000 Miles of Fire, Beach Weather and The Mowglis along for the ride. The crowd was hyped up, and each performer brought something a little different to the show.

The first openers of the night are local to Denver and are known as 1000 Miles of Fire. They are a pop punk band who have been a part of the music scene for the last five years.


The Maine performs at Summit Music Hall on March 30. Photo credit: Adelayde Dahlin

The second band to hit the stage was Beach Weather who came out after the crowd was warmed up and feeling good. They have only been together for about two years or so having formed in 2015. Lead vocalist and guitarist, Nick Santino, is known for previously being head of the band A Rocket to the Moon who were rather popular years back but broke up in 2013. Their music is upbeat and takes on the pop rock genre much like his old band, but his songs have matured with age. Santino has a close friendship with The Maine and much of the crowd knew every word of Beach Weather’s set, having listened and kept tabs on his work for years much like The Maine’s.

Next up was The Mowglis. They’re a seven-piece alternative band from L.A. who have definitely gained momentum in the music industry throughout the years. They have appeared on late night shows and have worked with big name artists on their music. They are most known for their upbeat songs “I’m Good” and “San Francisco,” which were definitely the crowd favorites of the night. When they played these songs near the end of their set the crowd went crazy and sang it right back to them raising the whole energy in the venue.

The Maine took their time before coming out on stage. They wanted the crowd to be as hyped as they were. Their setup was very much focused on having a good aesthetic, having a rug that looked like grass and fake flowers lining the areas around the stage with lit up trees. It was interesting, and it made the whole vibe that much cooler. The most eye catching part was the clouds hanging above the stage, which were fluffy and changed color with the set’s lights. It matched the bands personality.

The Maine performs at Summit Music Hall on March 30. Photo credit: Adelayde Dahlin

Enough about the actual stage though, the band is who everyone came to see. The Maine, from Tempe, Arizone, formed back in 2007 and have four current albums with a new one out next week. They are known as an alternative rock band; however, they really seem to have a genre all their own. Their music and mood appear to change from album to album as they grow as a band. Their energy never changes though, and they have an extremely committed fan base.

One fan who was pulled up on stage during their song “Girls Do What They Want” even had their band logo/symbol tattooed on his bicep.

The Maine was very interactive with their fans. Lead vocalist and guitarist John O’Callaghan talks and jokes with his fans throughout all of their shows, and this show was no exception. He pointed out to people in the crowd asking them how they were doing, getting them to dance, sing along and just laugh. The point they get across is to have a good time. The crowd seemed to be doing so, they had no problem singing all their music back to them. They opened with a new song “Black Butterflies & Déjà vu,” which is off their new album and was only released a short time ago. When they cut the music to hear only the crowd, the lyrics were clear as day. The same continued almost every song throughout their set, playing songs from each of their albums. They closed with “Another Night on Mars” which talks about friendship and getting through tough times but still having memories with the people in your lives, and it really appeared to speak to the crowd and to the band.

The Maine
The Maine performs at Summit Music Hall on March 30. Photo credit: Adelayde Dahlin

“The best part of the concert was how interactive they were with the crowd,” said Kindra Koenig, audience member and long-time fan of The Maine. “I have been listening to The Maine since I was 12 years old and have never been able to see them, and tonight was everything I could have asked for and more. I love that The Maine is more than just a band. It’s a community, and they make everyone feel welcome and loved. Also, the new songs were such a tease. I can’t wait to listen to the new album in full.”

Another audience member Meagan Clapp said she enjoyed the set.

“I haven’t seen a concert in over a year, and they’re a really great band that I’m excited to start listening to,” Clapp said.

Her friend Jamie James added, “They have such a fun upbeat vibe, and I can’t wait to see them again.”


Recommend? Yes, go see them. They are, as Koenig said, a community and not just a band. Check out their new album April 7.