The Aggie Theatre welcomes a raucous crowd for Tech N9ne

Zach Bermejo

Tech N9ne put on a rambunctious show Friday night.

The underground horrorcore rapper performed the sold-out show at the Aggie Theatre in Fort Collins, one of the two Colorado venues that were chosen for the Strictly Strange Tour. Heavy bass and flashing lights seized the crowd as Tech N9ne performed his hits and chopped away at lyrics with his trademark speed.


Rapper Tech N9ne performs in front of crowd at the Aggie Theatre in Fort Collins, Colorado. Photo credit: Zach Bermejo


Fans jumped up and down to songs such as “E.B.A.H.,” “Am I A Psycho?,” “Fragile” and the signature “Worldwide Choppers.”

Rapper Krizz Kaliko performed alongside Tech N9ne for most of the night. Between songs the two would exchange banter and interact with the packed house.

“That drink got me a little fucked up,” said Kaliko moments after chugging a Hennessy cocktail onstage.

Tech N9ne and Krizz Kaliko talking between songs. Photo credit: Zach Bermejo


It was part of a game in which Tech and the audience chanted the phrase “drink motherfucker” to the tune of a schoolyard rhyme. Shortly afterwards Tech and Kaliko asked someone from the audience if they wanted to play, to which they happily obliged. Tech, however, chose to take his time with his cocktail.

One of the many outfits worn by Tech during the show Photo credit: Zach Bermejo


As Tech prepared to sing “Areola” he made a comment regarding female nudity. It upset him that it was illegal for women to be topless in Fort Collins and many of the audience members also expressed similar sentiments.

Nudity is something Tech N9ne likes to see at his shows and he may have been referring to the ban on female toplessness in the city. However, that ban was overturned in February by a federal judge in Denver.

Regardless, Tech got his wish. During the performance of “Areola” the rapper asked a woman from the audience to come onstage. He gestured her to lift her shirt to the audience and she did. For the remainder of the song the woman danced before a cheering crowd.


Though not every audience member could make it up there some made sure that at least part of them did. During one of the songs a bra was thrown up to Tech N9ne. He commented afterwards that it was a testament to the quality of his music.

Tech N9ne holds up a bra that was thrown onstage by an audience member. Photo credit: Zach Bermejo


This is a common occurrence at Tech N9ne shows, but the rapper has used it for altruistic purposes. In the past all the bras that wind up onstage have been donated to Hope House in the Kansas Citya shelter in the rapper’s hometown for women who have been victims of domestic violence.

To close the show Tech brought out the opening acts one final time and thanked them all for performing with him. The show concluded at 1 a.m., an hour earlier than the listed end time. There was no encore.

However, fans left the venue pleased with the performance.

“Tech put on a hell of a performance,” said Connor Christiansen, a Kansas City native who got to meet the rapper backstage through a VIP pass. “It was awesome to see him kill it.”

Tech N9ne grinning after performing one of his songs. Photo credit: Zach Bermejo


Tech N9ne recently released a collaboration album titled “Dominion” and a new single titled “PTSD (Warrior Built).” Both can be streamed on Spotify.

Collegian reporter Zach Bermejo can be reached at or on Twitter @zach_bermejo.