Fort Collins reacts to Old Town coffee shop The Crooked Cup

Mareena Winchell

Fort Collins has a multitude of coffee shops, but one that is in the heart and soul of Old Town, Fort Collins is known as The Crooked Cup.

Most coffee shops in Fort Collins get bombarded with college students, but because this one is a little off the beaten path, it is very easy going. Compared to the ideal coffee shops in a college town, The Crooked Cup is accessible to those getting a coffee on their way to work or those who come to crank out hours of homework.


Crooked Cup employees Kellyn Padgett and Nate Jones brew coffee for customers. Photo by Brianna Nash

The Crooked Cup prides itself on a mature environment. It is a very compact but also a very organized coffee shop.

“I often find myself getting overwhelmed in coffee shops (with) everything that is going on,” said Alexis Pope, a customer of The Crooked Cup. “(The)Crooked Cup is different because it’s so chill. You can work at your own pace and not feel pressured to hurry up and get out of there.”

The Crooked Cup is also known for its seasonal drinks, including maple and pumpkin lattes. There is also one drink that is just special enough to call it one of their most popular drinks: the Crooked Salty, also known as a salted caramel latte.

“I’m not a big coffee drinker, but the teas at The Crooked Cup are just (as) equally as great as their coffee,” said customer Maddy Burns. “One of my favorite things to do in my free time is just get a good book and sit and read. I know I sound like a complete geek but The Crooked Cup allows me to be a complete geek and not feel bad for it.”

The Crooked Cup cares deeply about where they are getting their ingredients. Customers also say that the quality of their handmade drinks and freshly made pastries sets The Crooked Cup aside from other coffee shops.

The Crooked Cup coffee shop in Old Town. Photo by Brianna Nash

“It is important to realize that The Crooked Cup gives out the best for the price you are paying,” said customer Alex Burns. “As a person who drinks coffee very often, you can taste that they are giving you high quality for a good price. The drinks and pastries served at The Crooked Cup are superior to other coffee shops in my opinion.”

From the smoothies to the hot chocolate, tea and coffee, drinks are anything but subpar at The Crooked Cup. It also has numerous different pastries, which even cater to the needs of those who are gluten free.

Another characteristic of The Crooked Cup is the outdoor seating. Whether it is crowded inside or just a nice day outside, this coffee shop meets the needs that anyone may have from drinks to food to seating.

The Crooked Cup coffee shop in Old Town. Photo by Brianna Nash

“I would recommend coming to The Crooked Cup because it is my aesthetic, whether it is sitting inside or outside,” said customer Jourdin Cervantes. “The atmosphere is refreshing and adorable.”

The Crooked Cup can be found on social media or at 147 W. Oak Street #101.


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