Riot Fest will not be in Denver in 2017

Alec Erickson

Riot Fest Chicago will be the only Riot Fest to happen this year. This news follows after the passing of one of the leaders for the organization, Sean McKeough.

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Here is the festival’s full statement:

“To all of our Fans and Patrons,

First and foremost, thank you for your support, loyalty, and enthusiasm regarding Riot Fest’s endeavors – you are the lifeblood that keeps us going!

As many of you know, the Riot Fest family lost one of its leaders late last year: our beloved Sean McKeough. Riot Mike’s partner, Sean, was a fearless leader who worked tirelessly to plan, organize and execute the production of our festivals each year. He was an integral part of our team and it has been difficult to envision a Riot Fest without him.

This September will see our 13th Riot Fest in Chicago and we are very excited to share another year here with you. It saddens us to say, however, that we will not be able to return to Denver in 2017. Without Sean’s massive contributions, taking on more than one festival this year is, unfortunately, simply not possible. That said, we hope our absence from Denver is only temporary.

To all of our friends in Denver, we love you and we appreciate you making us feel at home in your amazing city. We can never thank you enough for embracing us as you did, and we hope to see as many of you as possible in Chicago this September!

To our Chicago perennials and all who have or will travel to the fest – we owe it to Sean to throw the absolute best festival we can and that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

We appreciate your continued support & can’t wait to unveil the Riot Fest 2017 lineup, so stay tuned. Hope to see you in Chicago.”

Riot Fest has been bringing some of the best in punk, alternative, rock and hip-hop to Chicago for years. Eventually expanding to Denver, and for the last few years brought together fans and musicians of various genres to a multi-day long festival.

The festival hopes to continue in Denver, but for 2017 the Chicago event will be the only one, and will run from September 15 to the 17.