Alec Reviews Music: Senses Fail release all acoustic E.P. ‘In Your Absence’

Alec Erickson

With a career spanning over 15 years, Senses Fail has a lot to celebrate and reflect upon. That is exactly what the post-hardcore outfit does with their newest extended play “Still Searching.”

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Based out of Ridgewood, New Jersey, the band is at the forefront of the emo and post-hardcore scene. Drawing a lot of influences from poetry and religion, the band never really struggled to define their own sound and image. They released their debut album “Let It Enfold You” back in 2004. From there, they never really struggled to do well on the charts, with each subsequent album peaking pretty high. The band released their sixth studio album “Pull the Thorns from Your Heart” in 2015. We have not heard anything new from them until now.


“In Your Absence” is a five-track record that clocks out around 19 minutes in length. Not everything on this E.P. is new music though. There are a couple of popular songs revamped in an acoustic style. From front to back, it is packed full of emotion as it takes you on a roller coaster, starting off with some high energy and finishing on a much darker and somber note. “In Your Absence” really captures the Senses Fail sound.

Starting us off on this E.P. we have “Jets to Peru” which is a much happier ballad than anything we have seen from the band before. This serves as the only upbeat track on the entire record and has a fun and catchy beat with a fast rhythm. “Jets to Peru” is the antagonist to the rest of the tracks on the record.

It is followed by “In Your Absence” and “Death Bed” which the are more somber and soothing tracks. Each one has a slower tempo and pretty memorable melodies that you will be singing along with. “In Your Absence” is more about dealing with failing relationships and what you go through as a result. And, “Death Bed” deals a lot with cancer and as implied in the song title, death.

“Death Bed” is probably the most moving track on the entire record. I say that because it is followed by the revamped acoustic versions of “Family Tradition” and “Lost and Found.” These two tracks serve their original versions incredibly well. “Lost and Found” is probably the main reason why I keep coming back to this E.P. time and time again. “Family Tradition” is a moving piece though that deals with issues with a family and not fitting in.

Should you listen to this?: Yes!

“In Your Absence” serves as a good starting point if you never have listen to the band before as this E.P. has a good mix of new and old. Overall, it is a really emotional and moving E.P. and definitely deserves a listen.