Lana Del Rey releases “Love,” hints at new album

Taylor Felver

After a long and empty year, Lana Del Rey has graced us with a new single, possibly previewing a forthcoming album.

Del Rey released a new single Feb. 19 titled “Love.” Out of nowhere, yet perfectly timed, she brought forth a masterpiece of melodic and vintage themed melodies that can only be described as “Lana-esque.”


It is hard to put Del Rey in a genre for those who have never listened to her music. Confining Del Rey to one basic genre description would just be wrong because she is clearly one-of-a-kind.

Del Rey has always captured the essence of freedom and American patriotism with a Don Draper time period feel. While her albums go through phases regarding love, whether it is the whimsical and naïve honeymoon phase or the dark and twisted period, Del Rey focuses on what it means to be human while idolizing other eras in a nostalgic way.

Del Rey’s music is enchanting by the way she makes her audience thirst for a time period they might not have been part of. “Love” is no different in its erotic edge with soulful lyrics.

Judging by this single, her album that is expected to be released soon will not disappoint fans or anyone who likes music in general. If this is just a taste of the direction that she is headed, then I will have to put on my vintage dress and glamorous looking cigarettes because I am on board.