Alec Reviews Music: The Unlikely Candidates release high energy E.P.

Alec Erickson

The Unlikely Candidates built a respectable following with their first Extended Play “Follow Your Feet” just four years ago. Now the band has finally released their second E.P. “Bed of Liars” and it is full of high energy and catchy songs that will most likely get stuck in your head.

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“Bed of Liars” is a six-track record that clocks in around 20 minutes in length. From front to back this E.P. only knows one pace: fast. Right from the get-go you know what you are getting into. We still hear a lot of elements that made “Follow Your Feet” so popular. From catchy drumbeats to great guitar riffs, “Bed of Liars” is mixed pretty well and there is a lot of fun to be had listening to it.

Musically you have to acknowledge just how much more rounded out The Unlikely Candidates’ sound is starting to become. They are finding a pace and rhythm that seems to suit them pretty well for the most part and they are running with it. Just listening to tracks like “Your Love Could Start a War” we hear the influences of their last E.P., but with some tasteful new elements. The band is experimenting, but not enough to the point where you can not recognize them anymore.

“Reaction” is one of the tracks that really deserves some attention. This is what seems to be the most rounded out track by The Unlikely Candidates and is what constantly brings me back to listening to this E.P. again and again. This is a song you will be tapping your foot along to with no problem.

Lyrically we are not getting as much life advice as “Follow Your Feet,” but we are seeing the band deal with relationships, and not particularly the best of relationships. Tracks like “Violence” tackles abusive relationships and “Call My Name” goes on the defensive. “Bed of Liars” really tackles its subject matter well.

What really sells it is vocalist Kyle Morris’ delivery. Every track has a much more mature feel about it than “Follow Your Feet” did and that is something to really be appreciated with this E.P.

Should You Listen To It?: Yes!

It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway, “Bed of Liars” is an exceptional E.P. The Unlikely Candidates are really starting to define their sound and place in popular culture which, for an indie band, is a big deal. Now is a great time to start getting invested and here is to hoping that soon enough we will get a full record.