30 Days, 30 Songs provides platform for anti-Trump music

Alec Erickson

The idea of a Trump-free America is a long debated topic, especially with the upcoming election just days away. If you are not a fan of the idea that the Republican Candidate Donald Trump may become the president of the United States, then you are not alone, musicians are taking to their platform and trying to motivate the undecided voters to vote against Trump. This is what the main goal behind the 30 Days, 30 Songs movement.

30 Days, 30 Songs is an independent website that was produced by the creators of 90 Days, 90 Reasons, which was a similar effort to motivate voters to reelect President Obama for a second term. This movement however, is more along the lines of Rock Against Bush, but for a new age. Many notable musicians including Death Cab for Cutie, Cold War Kids and R.E.M and many more are joining together to deliver original works to a new audience. The website encourages voters to go out to vote for Democratic Candidate Hillary Clinton.


Don not be deceived by the name, it is no longer just 30 songs anymore. In fact, it got bumped up to 40 songs in total. All the songs can be found online and on the 30 Days, 30 Songs playlist on Spotify. Each day until the election there will be new music from new artists. The main way to keep updated with that is to keep checking back on the 30 Days, 30 Songs website, on the homepage the songs are listed from the first day back in October until now. Each song can be found on the front page, which provides more context for each track as well as the lyrics.

30 Days 30 Songs.png
Photo Courtesy: 30days30songs.com

From songs that are derived from Trump quotes, or moments in debates to just straight character attacks. You will find that all of the musicians a part of this project have no shortage of material when it comes down to it. Some of the stand-out tracks already from the project are Death Cab for Cutie’s “Million Dollar Loan” or Franz Ferdinand’s “Demagogue.” There are so many choices of quality songs, that it will be hard to pick just one favorite.

The whole project is
in part to get voters out there and not vote for Donald Trump. The website features a quote asking for voters to “Consider
this the music by which you will register to vote and cast your ballot for
Hillary Clinton, the only candidate who can prevent the apocalypse that would
be Donald Trump as president.”