CSU Bookstore to host costume contest on Halloween

Alaysha Powell

“Halloween is for kids.” These are the words that the lady down the street would always utter if you showed up to her door in a costume after the age of 10. If you were like me, you hated hearing those words. It ruined the magical illusion of Halloween and made the notion of dressing up in a costume seem ridiculous. If you understand this feeling, then the CSU bookstore is hosting a contest that you are going to love.

It is the CSU Bookstore Halloween Costume Contest from 7:45 a.m. to 4 p.m. on, you guessed it, Halloween.


According to John Parry, the CSU bookstore director, this has been a long-standing event meant to bring students together.

“We have done a similar thing for a period time both in the bookstore and the Lory Student Center,” Parry said. “It’s something that is just kind of for fun. Something a little out of the ordinary, a little different.”

The contest will choose a winner for each category. The categories include scariest costume, most creative costume and funniest costume. Contestants that win first place will win a $50 gift certificate for the bookstore, and contestants that are awarded second place will win a $25 gift certificate.

If you do not win either of these placements, don’t worry, every one who shows up to participate in the contest will be awarded a coupon. In other words, the only way you will not win something is if you choose not to dress up.

The contest is open not only to students; the dedicated faculty and staff members here on campus can participate as well.

“There are no obligations,” Parry said. “Anyone can participate in it if they want.”

Even bookstore employees will have the chance to swap out their normal uniform for a costume to show their support for the eerie festivities.

“Bookstore employees are encouraged to dress up,” Parry said. “We have a good time while working in the store.”

Halloween is a time to step out of your everyday routine and mix things up. It isn’t everyday that you can put on a crazy outfit, smear fake blood all over yourself and show up to class or work as if nothing is out of the ordinary. You get to satisfy your inner-child and bring back that spark of excitement you felt when you got to put on your costume on the last day of October.