How to turn the presidential debate into a drinking game

Max Sundberg

As college students, we know that it is important that every major televised event be turned into a drinking game.

Why else would we watch TV?


The second presidential debate is this Sunday at 7 p.m.

For those who may not have noticed, this election cycle has been a ridiculous, frustratingly ugly process—especially with such polarized and colorful candidates as Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump.

In the first presidential debate on Nov. 8, we witnessed Trump struggling to explain his five-year crusade to expose Obama as a non-American, while clenching his teeth to maintain what media is calling a “presidential temperament.”

Meanwhile, Clinton was trying her best to not look like an animatronic high school guidance counselor while expressing her human-like guilt over the email scandal that occurred earlier this year.

The second debate is sure to be absurd, but if you want guaranteed entertainment, give this presidential debate drinking game a try:

Drink when Trump…

Says “huge”

Claims he will defeat ISIS

Tells us to believe him

Mentions Bill Clinton’s affairs in the Oval Office


Calls Clinton, “Crooked Hillary”

Mentions Clinton’s emails

Mentions Clinton’s health

Mentions the generals who support him

Interrupts Clinton

Rolls his eyes

Mentions “the wall”

Drink when Clinton…

Mentions her good friend Barack Obama

Mentions her buddy Bernie Sanders

Mentions Trump’s tax returns

Mentions Vladimir Putin

Says “I’m with you”

Forces laughter

Says “better together”

Brings up a failed Donald Trump business venture

Interrupts Trump

Says “my daughter Chelsea”

Whether you are on board with Trump or Clinton, or you are really bummed you are no longer able to feel the Bern, it is important to watch the presidential debates because they hold real implications for the next several years of our lives in this country.

Ernest Hemingway once said, “I drink to make other people more interesting.”

While heavier drinking can be fun occasionally, sipping a nice local craft beer or two is the recommended avenue for Sunday’s debate. That way, you can legitimately keep up with the discussion, and avoid a debilitating hangover on Monday morning.