The Jauntee performs an instrumental-focused concert at Hodi’s Half Note

Hodi’s Halfnote was the perfect venue for a concert from The Jauntee on Wednesday, Aug. 31. Though there were few people in attendance, that did not take away from the music and the cheerful mood throughout the night.

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Photo credit: Camila Nadalet

Opening the night was Part and Parcel, a band from Denver who classifies themselves as a mixture of folk and rock music. The band got the crowd going with their upbeat music and humorous banter. Audience members danced to every song and were eager to hear more as the band finished up their set.


Following Part and Parcel were the Sweet Lillies. With a tasteful blend of Americana and bluegrass music, the band delivered a moving and lighthearted performance, prompting concertgoers to shut their eyes and feel the music. Sweet Lillies played a variety of music from original songs to covers of well-known artist’s pieces such as Johnny Cash. Lead singer Melly Frances made it known that banjo player Danjo Lynn was unable to attend the show. Regardless, the band still received an entirely positive response from the crowd, and Lynn’s absence did not stop the rest of the band from playing a great set.

Sweet Lillies left the stage and welcomed The Jauntee to come up and begin their performance. Originally from Boston, band members Caton, Tyler, John, and Scott recall giving one of their very first live performances here in Fort Collins. And for their second time around, they did not disappoint.

With inspirations such as Led Zeppelin, The Beatles and the Grateful Dead, The Jauntee delivered a captivating performance that provided their audience with a wide variety of musical genres ranging from jazz and blues to even a slight hint of reggae. The band used limited vocals, focusing most of their attention to instrumentals, which only seemed to enhance the crowd’s appreciation of their music.

Along with their abilities to play a large selection of music types, The Jauntee prides themselves on their improvisational techniques used on stage during their concerts. Guitarist Caton Sollenberger said this allows them to “search for stuff and then land on something good.”

The goal of this improvisational style is to be able to find a positive response from the crowd, allowing the band to feel connected to their audience. John Loland, the band’s newest bassist, said “it’s nice when we get quiet and then everyone else gets quiet. That’s when you know everyone is on the same page.”

The band did not get quiet often during their show, however. From start to finish, they seemed to be playing a nearly constant stream of music, seamlessly moving from one song into the next. It was clear that the musicians have a strong connection to the music that they play, and attendees of the concert evidently shared that same connection.

For the handful of people in attendance at the concert, it was a treat to hear three great bands perform live. Part and Parcel and Sweet Lillies rang in the night with uplifting music that impelled individuals to dance. The Jauntee closed the night out with an eclectic performance, leaving concertgoers in good spirits.