Grouplove’s ‘Big Mess’ features upbeat songs with relatable lyrics

Indie-rock band Grouplove released their new album, “Big Mess,” on Sept. 9. With dance beats and relatable lyrics about love, life and self-discovery, it is a blast to experience.


“Welcome to Your Life” is the first song and lead single on this album. Hannah Hooper, lead singer and keyboard player, welcomes the listener with dreamy vocals and a fast synth beat saying. Christian Zucconi, the band’s second lead singer and guitarist, also adds powerful vocals that compliment the song. Energetic, happy and wild, “Welcome to Your Life” provides a great start to the album.

Perhaps the song that stands out the most is “Enlighten Me,” the fourth song on the album. Zucconi laments a struggle about letting go of something from the past. The lyrics are darker with Zucconi singing, “But I don’t feel my life is real. I’m on the fence with common sense.”

“Good Morning,” the fifth song on the album, is the most fun song to listen to. It has an indie-pop vibe that makes you want to dance. The repetitive lyrics seem to explain the struggle of never wanting a night to end, but the fast paced and upbeat sound are what make this song succeed.

“Spinning,” the sixth track on the album, feature pleasant guitar harmonies and lyrics about deep personal strife. However, the song has an optimistic and chill vibe to it.

“Cannonball,” the seventh track, stands out simply because it rocks. This song adds a much needed heavy indie-rock sound to the album. Lyrics about making the most out of life are bellowed out against hard-hitting instrumentals.

“Hollywood,” the last song on “Big Mess,” was the only track on the album that just seemed out of place. It only features Zucconi’s voice. However, this time he is singing along to relatively bland and boring instrumentals that just made the song seem less interesting compared to the others.

Final Score: 4.5/5

Since their debut in 2010, Grouplove has been building their sound, which has led to the creation of “Big Mess”- an album that is upbeat, thoughtful and just plain fun.

Grouplove will be playing at the Ogden Theatre in Denver on Oct. 18.