TV shows to watch instead of doing homework

Unfortunately, at a very young age my parents met some hippies in the forest during a family camping trip and found their crunchy, organic way of life utterly inspirational. Days after our encounter with them, my Pop-Tarts were thrown into the trash and replaced with granola, and a few weeks later I came home after a hard day of second grade to find my cable turned off and my days of watching SpongeBob for hours on end were devastatingly and permanently over.

Obviously, this makes me 100 percent qualified to tell you what shows to watch this fall. The following information is based solely upon what other people have told me, my parents allowing me to watch Netflix as I got older and their taste for Quinoa began to fade, and my access to the internet.


“Atlanta” (FX)
I may or may not be suggesting this solely because this new FX series is created by and staring Donald Glover aka rapper Childish Gambino. He has already proven himself to be both an exceptional writer and actor, writing alongside Tina Fey for the T.V. series “30 Rock” and appearing as Troy Barnes in NBC’s “Community.” This multifaceted entertainer bases this show’s story loosely on his own experiences, sharing the story of two cousins and their start in the Atlanta rap scene. Not only does the show address race and art versus commerce, but the trailers that have come out for it are super weird and artsy and include a lot of people walking backwards. The series is scheduled to premiere September 6, 2016.

11.22.63” (Hulu)

This is an adaption by J.J. Abrams of Stephen King’s Novel “11.22.63” and follows the misadventures of a high school teacher turned time traveler who is determined to go back in time and prevent the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Ultimately, the character, Jake Epping, finds himself facing the inevitable Butterfly Effect. This show is already streaming in Hulu.

“The Get Down” (Netflix)

I originally chose this series to add to this list because I love Netflix originals. They are my life source. Also, the lead kid from the movie “Dope” (Shameik Moore) is in the show, and “Dope” was dope. But after looking into it more thoroughly, I found that this show might actually be one of the most interesting on the list. Not only does the series have a pretty solid casting including Skylan Brooks and Jaden Smith, it is also the most expensive series ever to be produced on Netflix. The series cost $120 million just to produce. The show is created and directed by Baz Luhrmann, who directed the most recent, extravagant adaptation of “The Great Gatsby.” “The Get Down” takes place in New York City during the 1970s and centers around a group of Bronx teenagers and their role in the birth of hip-hop, punk and disco. Lucky for viewers, this series actually already dropped its first 13 one-hour episodes on Aug. 12, so the Netflix binge can start whenever you’re ready.

“Game of Thrones” (HBO)
Due to my aforementioned lack of television in my life, my knowledge of this show is extremely weak and based solely off the people around me who have chosen watching the show as their religion. I’m just going to be straight up honest here, I really don’t understand the hype that surrounds this show. I get that dragons are cool as heck, but if I’m going to truly invest in something where everyone talks in accents and I’m being transcended into another magical world, I’d really rather be watching Harry Potter. This is obviously only my opinion because everyone else in the universe cannot wait until this show returns with its 7th season premier. HBO has not released a date for season seven, though it has been predicted that the show will come back earlier than it has been premiered in the past. However, every season up until the anticipated season seven can be streamed via the HBO website and is a perfect way to avoid that paper on colonialism you don’t want to write.

Animals” (HBO)
This is another HBO streamed show that has a season to binge now and then a season to anticipate. This is also one of the most off-putting shows I’ve ever seen in my whole entire life, and I’m suggesting it in this list solely because I need to talk about how weird this show is with someone. This show made me need a support group. It is an animated series and a Duplass Brothers Television production, with each episode centering on a different kind of animal living in New York City. Although it’s a show about animals, they are extremely humanized and often struggle with intense human subjects such as domestic issues and gender identity. These intense themes are interrupted by mildly out-of-place dance breaks and crude humor. Critics don’t even know how to feel about the show, with ratings varying across the board. While I personally share these mixed feelings, my friend’s Dad loves the show, so it’s probably worth watching at least one episode between classes. The second season is set to come out in early 2017, but there is a full season of ten episodes to watch on

“Stranger Things” (Netflix)
If you love yourself, you will hop on the bandwagon and watch “Stranger Things” on Netflix. Honestly, I don’t know who I was before I watched this phenomenal piece of media, but I do know that I am a new person now. I’m not usually one to be so down with a thriller, but the Duffer brothers really got me with this one. Featuring Wynona Ryder, the story revolves around a small town set in the 1980s that is set into frenzy after a young boy vanishes without a trace. Everyone looking for the boy experiences confusing, almost paranormal experiences that cannot be explained, and the government seems to be too interested in it. The plot is extremely well developed, with twists and turns for miles, which is honestly half the thrill. Plus, the series so far is only eight one-hour episodes long—a prime binging number. You may not be able to sleep at night after watching this show, but college isn’t about getting a sufficient amount of sleep anyways.

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life (Netflix)
I’m sure someone everyone saw that this reboot was announced earlier this year, as every girl ever shared the announcement video on Facebook and the “#blessed” tags were heard around the world. If you haven’t already watched the actual Gilmore Girl T.V. series originally broadcasted on television, all seven seasons are available for streaming. You may not think that a simple story about a single mother raising an exceptionally smart teenage girl with an extremely stressful dating lives to watch ever would have you clicking “next episode,” but this show certainly wraps you up in it. The new episodes will be added to Netflix on November 25, with the majority of the original cast returning to the screen.