Silversun Pickups play an exclusive and intimate concert at the Downtown Artery

Seth Bodine

At the Downtown Artery in Old Town Fort Collins, two chairs, an acoustic guitar and bass sat on the stage. Round tables were spread out on the side of the room, and around 30 people came in with beers and caffeinated drinks.

This was not a normal Silversun Pickup performance. Singer and guitarist Brian Auber and singer and bassist Nikki Monniger of the Silversun Pickups came to the stage for a private show presented by 94.3 the X. Usually accompanied by keyboarder Joe Lester and drummer Chistopher Guanlao, the performance was entirely acoustic. The show was meant to be an intimate show, and no tickets were sold. Only a select number of people who entered to win were selected by the radio station to watch the band perform.


Silversun Pickups perform an intimate concert. (Seth Bodine l Collegian)
Silversun Pickups perform an intimate concert at the Downtown Artery. (Seth Bodine l Collegian)

Monniger said they enjoy these kinds of small shows because they are more intimate and spontaneous.

The duo began the performance with “Circadian Rhythm,” which featured a combination of smooth and soft call and response vocals from Auber and Monniger.

They played the song “Latchkey Kids,” which showed off Auber’s undeniably unique and smooth vocals. The fast acoustic guitar melodies combined with with the bass rhythms and Auber and Monniger’s voices intertwined as they sang.

Brian Auber of the Silversun Pickups (Seth Bodine l Collegian)
Brian Auber of the Silversun Pickups (Seth Bodine l Collegian)

After the duo finished their last song, they stepped off the stage for a meet and greet. A lined formed to meet them, and each person had a picture taken with them. Fans were also given free tickets to CSU’s Ramfest by staff at the radio station. After the line cleared, they packed up and got ready to go back to Denver to play at the Rino Music and Arts Festival.