Lindsey Stirling’s new album features energetic songs and powerful lyrics

From becoming a sensation on YouTube to auditioning for America’s Got Talent in 2012, Lindsey Stirling is back at it again with her third album “Brave Enough.” The album picks up where her previous album “Shatter Me” left off and continues to launch her towards the spotlight.

Stirling is a rising musician whose sound features a blend of instrumental violin and electronic beats that are meant to energize listeners.


Unlike her previous albums, “Brave Enough” is noticeably more upbeat, following the theme of overcoming individual barriers. “Brave Enough” also includes a wide array of collaborations with artists including Christina Perri, Carah Faye and Andrew McMahon.

Comprised of 14 tracks, “Brave Enough” combines Stirling’s classic sound with experimental rhythms.

One of the tracks that especially stands out is “Mirage.” It has an exotic tune that is very different from the classic electronic beat that dominates the rest of the album.

“The Phoenix” amps up the energy with rough electronic rifts and precise violin tunes that flow with the rifts like a sail boat through ocean tides.

“The Arena,” a chart topping track with a catchy beat, will likely become an instant classic among Stirling’s fans.

All of the song flow together in a perfect blend that generates a beautiful story, but each track also has the ability to stand alone as entertaining pieces of music.

While most of the album features high energy tracks, “Brave Enough” ends on a more somber note with the track “Gavi’s Song,” which includes a powerful backstory about Stirling’s instrumentalist who passed away from cancer in 2015. With its expressive lyrics about Stirling’s love for her friend, “Gavi’s Song” is a beautiful and perfect tribute.

Final Score 4.9/5

With such an energetic album ending on a such a strong note, “Brave Enough” is sure to be remembered as Stirling’s best work yet.

Stirling is performing at Red Rocks Amphitheater on Thursday, October 5. If you want to know more about Stirling, you can check out her book titled The Only Pirate at the Party.