Mr. Robot season two premiere left fans with more questions than answers

Alec Erickson

Season two of the popular show Mr. Robot premiered on Wednesday, proving that this season will be just as exciting as the last. 

Focusing on hacker culture with a realistic portrayal and taking a stance on anti-corporations, the show was green lit for a second season even before the first episode of season one aired. Mr. Robot immerses audiences into the life of a hacker and makes them feel as though anyone could be controlling their digital life without them even knowing it. 


The show follows the character Elliot Alderson (Rami Malek) as he tries figure out the identity of Mr. Robot (Christian Slater), who is a mysterious figure that leads a small band of “hacktivists” on a mission to take down the world’s biggest conglomerate called Evil Corp. This is a mission that they had almost completed by the end of the first season. 

The season two premiere was spilt into two parts. Part one picked up with

Elliot exactly one month after Fsociety initiated their hack on Evil Corp and took down all their data centers, essentially easing all debt in society. With part one of the season two finale, viewers learned that Elliot has slowly lost his mind and is trying to figure out he is, forcing them to question whether they can trust him as the show’s hero.

And this is where all of the questions start to pour in.When does one take off their mask? Can you trust yourself? Can you trust anything in your mind? These are all questions that Elliot asks the audience and himself as he constantly struggles with his self-identity. Throughout the entire episode, viewers see Elliot slip further and further into madness, making them question whether anything they see regarding his character is actually happening. This means that there are more questions than answers throughout the entire episode. With Elliot, who has trouble facing his own demons, it almost seems like viewers won’t get answers from him any time soon.

This is where the part two of the season two premiere comes into play. This part focuses on each of the antagonists in the series and introduces new characters such as FBI Agent Dominique “Dom” DiPierro (Grace Gummer). The episode quickly reveals that because of the trouble Evil Corp is facing in the political fallout of the country, everyone is not only out to save themselves, but their jobs as well. This provides motivation for many of the characters to turn from Elliot’s friends to his worst enemies. Elliot’s former boss tells his that he will contact the FBI and his childhood best friend moves up the corporate ladder in Evil Corp.

Final Score: 9.5/10

I cannot emphasis this enough. More questions are raised with these episodes than answered, and that is what makes it a gripping season premiere. There are so many little hints in the first season that it could fill up an entire novel just mentioning each one. Everything about Mr. Robot is done intentionally. There is more for those who start to look, but at surface level, it’s a drama that hits all the right notes. Season two is off on the right foot. And even if these episodes didn’t focus on the actual methods of hacking as the previous episodes do, it does bring attention to the actual human elements of the show, which is exactly what many fans wanted more of in the first season. The season two premiere proved that Mr. Robot will once again be a must watch show. 

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