Bohemian Nights at NewWestFest announces music lineup

Alec Erickson

You know what is better than one free day of music? Three free days of music. Not just any music either, but three days of all local Colorado-based music. From new up and coming artist to national headliners, you can catch them all right here in Fort Collins in August. Beginning August 12 though 14, over 80 local bands will take the stage in downtown Fort Collins for the annual Bohemian Nights at NewWestFest, and each of the three nights will feature an overall headliner.

Photo Courtesy: BohemianNights.Org

“Bohemian Nights is about showcasing new, emerging and established Colorado artists, and this year’s festival is truly a testament to the tremendous talent pool in our state,” said Bohemian Foundation Music Programs Director Tom Scharf in a press release. 


Bohemian Nights at NewWestFest will feature classic big name Colorado bands like The Fray, who will be headlining Saturday night. It will also feature bands that are best described as up and coming like My Body Sings Electric. The festival has such a large variety in genres this year that anyone will be able to easily come out and have a great time.

This year’s lineup will perform on a total of six stages, and one of the stages on Saturday and Sunday will be dedicated to family friendly acts.

Beginning on Friday night, eight bands will perform, including a special reunion show for Fort Collins-based band Tickle Me Pink. Here are the other bands performing Friday night: 

  1. Punch Drunk Munky Funk
  2. Hello Dollface
  3. The Railsplitters
  4. The Yawpers
  5. Otis Taylor
  6. the subdued
  7. DeVotchKa (Friday night’s headliner)

On, Saturday there will be a total of 44 acts. Here is the lineup for Saturday:

  1. The Quemando Salsa Band
  2. Tracksuit Wedding
  3. Slow Caves
  4. iZCALLi
  5. 12 Cents for Marvin
  6. Brent Coles
  7. Silver & Gold
  8. Write Minded
  9. Last Call Romance
  10. 2MX2
  11. Shatterproof
  12. My Body Sings Electric
  13. In the Whale
  14. Dechen Hawk
  15. Russick Smith
  16. Bethel Steele
  17. Darryl Purpose
  18. Edie Carey
  19. Ian Cooke
  20. Elise Wunder Band
  21. Justin Roth
  22. Post Paradise
  24. Gypsy Swing Revue
  25. GOATZ!
  26. Finnders & Youngberg
  27. Edison
  28. The Matt Skellenger Group
  29. Tallgrass
  30. Head for the Hills
  31. Jeff Jenkins’ The Organization
  32. Sound of Ceres
  33. Ryan Fourt and Big Slick
  34. G’Jai’s Jook Joint
  35. Coop & the Chicken Pluckers
  36. Gora Gora Orkestar
  37. The Haunted Windchimes
  38. SHEL
  39. Doctor Noize
  40. Little Kids Rock – Tavelli Elementary School
  41. Grace Kuch
  42. Little Kids Rock – Fort Collins High School
  43. Music for Kids with Eric West
  44. The Fray (Saturday night’s headliner)

Finally, 34 bands will finish the festival on Sunday including a surprise headliner that will be announced later in July. Here are Sunday’s acts: 

  1. Maxwell Mud
  2. The Patti Fiasco
  3. Casey James Prestwood & The Burning Angels
  4. Trout Steak Revival
  5. Wire Faces
  6. Qbala
  7. Dressy Bessy
  8. The Reminders
  9. The Epilogues
  10. J. Fullerton
  11. Strangebyrds
  12. Taarka
  13. Mollie O’Brien & Rich Moore
  14. Grim&Darling
  15. Moors & McCumber
  16. The Good Time Travelers
  17. Nadalands
  18. Bad Habitz
  19. The Blue Rider
  20. Rob Drabkin
  21. The Wendy Woo Band
  22. DubSkin
  23. The Still Tide
  24. Free the Honey
  25. Megan Burtt & The Cure For Love
  26. The Delta Sonics
  27. Los Dreamers
  28. Liz Barnez
  29. The Burroughs
  30. Mr Kneel: Hip-Hop for Families!
  31. Little Kids Rock – Cache La Poudre Elementary
  32. Emma Marie
  33. Downey Sisters

Go to for more information about Bohemian Nights at New West Fest, or download their app. 

Collegian Music Critic Alec Erickson can be reached at or on Twitter @CTV_ACE.