Staff picks: Our favorite classes at CSU

Collegian Staff


With registration in full swing, it is difficult to decide what classes to take. We made the search easier by a compiling a list of our favorite classes. 


Any history course with Robert Jordan

Dr. Jordan is one of the best professors I have had at CSU (and there have been quite a few good ones). He is fun, honest and turns his lectures into stories. He also assigns creative projects  that incorporate technology, such as Twitter and Minecraft, in an engaging way. Plus, if you show up to class (and you’re going to want to), you’re bound to get a good grade. His courses are awesome for both history majors and those who just want a fun elective. – Hannah Ditzenberger 

Any history course with Tracy Brady

(Clearly we love history.) 

As a history minor, I have adored history classes taught by Tracy Brady, as she’s very kind, funny and teaches interesting classes that leave you feeling immersed in the content. Highly recommended! -Clarissa Davies 

Astronomy lab

The instructors are very knowledgeable, kind and fun. You get to look through telescopes and learn about different constellations and the moon. I have never been more excited for a Monday night. Though only downside to the lab is that you are also required to take the astronomy lecture, which was dry at times but totally worth it. –Hannah Ditzenberger 

Insects, science and society with Matt Camper

Professor Camper is completely obsessed with bugs and is extremely passionate about what he teaches, which makes the class really fun. He also randomly gets upset about bugs being depicted incorrectly in popular culture, and it is hilarious. The class will also make you less afraid of bugs, because you will learn how to identify which ones are poisonous. -Randi Mattox 

Literary criticism and theory with Paul Trembath


While it’s required for English majors, it’s a class that will blow your mind. Dr. Trembath is an incredibly intelligent professor who always came to class with interesting material — stuff that makes you really think about the world. He’s a funny guy, but you could tell he was truly invested in making sure students understood the difficult concepts of the class. –Dan DeHerrera

Multiculturalism and the media with Catherine Steele

I have learned so much in this class that anyone can benefit from, not just those majoring in journalism. Dr. Steele is very knowledgeable in the field, and she makes the class fun and interesting every day. She uses fun examples, and knows how to communicate ideas very effectively. This class taught me how to examine and evaluate media that I see every day. The best thing this class taught me is how I can become more culturally competent with multicultural groups, and how I can apply that to my career. -Megan Hanner 

Plants and civilization with Andrew Norton

This class was all about how humans have interacted with plants over time. The material was always interesting and the instructors were enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the material. I came away from the class knowing a bunch of interesting facts about plants. -Zoe Jennings 

Radio workshop with Mario Caballero

If you have a chance to squeeze this workshop into your schedule I’d highly recommend it. You get to learn the in’s and out’s of radio, including the operation of equipment and spending time on air. Even if you’re not sure about being on the radio, this class is an opportunity to branch out of your comfort zone and learn something new while having fun. -Dan DeHerrera 

Social problems with Eileen Connell

In addition to being an amazing professor, Dr. Connell is one of the most caring and funny people you will ever meet. Social problems is a very eye-opening course, because you are being introduced to a lot of the injustices that happen in our world daily. Dr. Connell always finds a way to make you aware of how important the problems are, while also maintaining a lighthearted and fun environment in the classroom that is open for debate and discussion.  -Randi Mattox 







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