How to behave in a classroom

Zoë Jennings

With the high cost of education, every minute in the classroom counts. Assuming you attend class, these are some guidelines to help you optimize your college education and the education of others around you.

If you have to leave early or if you are late to class, sit toward the back.


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The space between rows in most classrooms is tight, so it is a huge distraction for others if you are squeezing through the rows looking for a seat after class has begun. To avoid this distraction, you can sit toward the back of the classroom.

If you plan to do something other than notes on your computer, sit toward the back.

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We don’t need to watch the latest “Grey’s Anatomy” episode with you. Netflix, online games, Pinterest and Facebook can all be fun — but not for everyone. It is extremely distracting to see flashing images on computer screens in front of you.

If you feel the need to do these things on your computer, just sit toward the back. This also may be good for you, too, so people can’t spy on your social media accounts.

Choose your class-time snacks wisely. 


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The busy college lifestyle might leave you skipping meals. If you are forced to grab a bite to eat during class, choose your snacks with consideration for the other students in the classroom.

Try to avoid pungent or extremely crunchy foods. Hearing someone crunching their food isn’t the most pleasant sound and smelling food could either pique or kill their appetite.

Don’t have loud side conversations during class.

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This is self-explanatory. Talking to your friends loudly during class is distracting and disrespectful for all involved.

Stick to your seat.

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After the first two weeks of school, people have established their permanent seat for that semester. We are creatures of habit, and it can ruin an entire class for someone if they are forced to experience the class from a different seat.

Don’t pack up early.

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As teachers are finishing their lecture, they are often forced to awkwardly try to teach through the sounds of rustling papers and unzipping backpacks. Sitting through a full 50-minute lecture is not the worst thing you will have to do in your life. Most places around campus are less than 10 minutes away. What will those three minutes really gain you?

Remember, you’re not the only one in the classroom paying ridiculous amounts of money for an education, so have some respect and follows these etiquette suggestions.

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