Netflix and Chill with C: What to watch in April

Clarissa Davies

It seems as though Netflix is slowly but surely replacing their dynamic movie collection in lieu of Netflix Original Series, or TV shows. Regardless, the following are the movies and shows I enjoyed most this month: 

1. “Copenhagen”


 A new favorite of mine. Just as IMDB states, what happens when the love of your life happens to be half your age? The theme of age, love and foreign cities dominate this incredible film about a man who meets a very young girl while he explores Copenhagen looking for his long-lost grandfather who just happens to be an ex-Nazi. A bit strange, I know, but this film is absolutely beautiful and handles the uncomfortable theme of love and age difference with grace and a sense of fragility. The chemistry between the two lovers is something I haven’t seen for years. In fact, it is done so well that I felt like I was invading on the two, even to the point of cringing. The acting is superb, and it stars English actor Gethin Anthony, whom many of you know as Renly Baratheon from “Game of Thrones.” 10/10!

2. “Groundhog Day” 

Likely one of Bill Murray’s best movies. I enjoyed this movie so much that I watched it twice in one day. What would happen if you lived one day of your life over and over for ten years? And only you knew what was happening? You would never age and people would never change. Even if you were put in jail or drove your truck off a cliff, you would still wake up every day at 6 a.m. in the same bed. This is the premise of this 1993 film. The lingering message of the movie is very powerful, even if this is considered a comedy.

3. “House of Cards” season 4

What’s funny (not at all, actually) is this real election season is even more bonkers than the events of House of Cards season 4. You may watch for the dark, beautifully filmed political drama; I watch for Kevin Spacey. Season 4 and season 1 are by far its best seasons, and season 4 is a definite step up from season 3.

4. “Fuller House” 


For the sake of nostalgia, this show will please original watchers of Full House. It’s been said that Fuller House is exceedingly cheesy, yet I argue that that’s how it’s supposed to be. Full House was cheesy, and I don’t think they were striving for anything different in Fuller House. It’s made for the fans, and has the same vibe and premise. Personally, I see the show as a big family reunion of sorts.

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