A gift guide for guys

Rachel Fountain

The holiday season is upon us, and for us girls that means the resurgence of an age-old problem.  

In our holiday shopping, we will inevitably reach the names on our list that annually stump us: the guys. Fathers, brothers, uncles, boyfriends and the like are notoriously hard to shop for. While I commend the men I know for being so non-materialistic, they always make finding a meaningful gift challenging. So if you can’t stand to get you Dad another tie or you’ve run out of beer for your boyfriend, here are a few general guidelines to aid in your gift search for the men in your life.


The Hobby Guy

Do any of the males on your list have a hobby they really enjoy? If so, this is a great area of inspiration for gifts. Get this guy something that applies to their hobby. Is he into home brewing? Get him some interesting small-batch hops to try. Is he an avid cyclist? Get them a mini tool kit he can take with him when he bikes. Is he into card games? Get him a personalized deck. While these gifts require that you know a little bit about the hobby the guy is into, it shows that you care about his interests and that you listen when he babbles on about them!

The Fan

While some guys will always appreciate a piece of memorabilia from their favorite sports team, gifts for the fan guy are not limited to athletics. If he has a favorite author, or musician, or director, or anything along those lines, this provides a great many gift opportunities.

Books, albums and movies all make great gifts for the fan. If the guy is a die-hard and already seems to have everything related to his idol, you could get him gifts that indirectly relate to the person or group that he’s a fan of, like documentaries or biographies. For a more subtle approach, have a gift laser-etched or engraved with a logo or quote from the fan guy’s obsession. From posters to concert tickets, the gift options for fan guys are many.

The Handyman

I know, it seems cliché. Not every guy would want a red, Craftsman tool set for the garage, but the fact is that guys generally like tools and the handyman category transcends its stereotypes. The classic pocketknife is always a good choice, and you don’t have to break the bank.

If the guy likes knives but he already has one, look into other types of knives that he could add to his arsenal, like multi-bladed or multi-tool knives. Make sure to consult knife-buying guides or sites, because knives, while a good gift, are very specific. Finally, there are the guys who would prefer a not-so-literal tool, like a pocket notebook with a matching pen, or a tool-laden keychain.   

Collegian Entertainment reporter Rachel Fountain  can be reached at entertainment@collegian.com or on Twitter @rachelcfountain