Clarissa’s Self-Cares: Five ways to use epsom salt

Clarissa Davies

Somewhere in the small town of Epsom, England, epsom salt was discovered in a spring centuries ago. Even in the 17th century, those who used the salt in some way claimed it to have medicinal properties. It can hardly be compared to your common table salt – it’s actually a mineral compound of magnesium and sulfate that has enormous healing

Empson salt (Photo courtesy Wikimedia)
Epson salt. (Photo courtesy: Wikimedia.)

capability. According to the Epsom Salt Council, a body lacking in magnesium can contribute to high blood pressure, and sulfate is key to flushing out toxins. You can purchase the salt at any Walgreens, CVS, Rite-Aid or Target inexpensively, with the more expensive options being scented. Try out these super easy ways to use epsom salt for self-care:


1. Bath soak

Put a few handfuls of epsom salt in your next bath. The benefits? It eases muscle pain, relieves headache and gives you a better sleep. It is the ultimate detox for your body. If a bath isn’t for you, try a foot soak with the salts.

2. Facial and body scrub

You can combine the salt with your facial or body wash. Not only does it detoxify, it will revive and rehydrate your skin, as well as raising your magnesium level, which is beneficial. Epsom salts are truly a natural way to get clean. Not to mention that this is a fantastic exfoliator, and will diminish the look of scars and blemishes, as well as allow your skin to better soak up your other skincare products.

3. Hangover cure

Many celebrities swear by bathing with epsom salts and other essential oils to get rid of their hangover. Because epsom salt is hydrating, detoxifying and helps headaches, it will certainly help the day after. 

4. Hair

Who needs dry shampoo? Epsom salt soaks up excess oil. Try adding a few tablespoons of epsom salt to your shampoo, and rinse with cold water. For extra effect, you can also follow this with a rinse of apple cider vinegar and another cold water rinse, if you want. 

5. Lower stress

Bathing in a bath with epsom salt replenishes magnesium levels while lowering adrenaline levels and increasing serotonin levels. If you’re not a bath person, best start liking them now – there’s too many benefits to bathing with the salts. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t need a stress-reducing bath before bed.


Collegian A&E Reporter Clarissa Davies can be reached at or on Twitter @DaviesClarissa.