Waffle Lab satisfies a craving for the sweet, savory

Madison Wittman

Fort Collins is a real restaurant hub. New places to come in and dine are popping up all over town, but The Waffle Lab food truck offers a unique dining experience.

The Waffle Lab, usually parked on College and Laporte avenues, crafts a variety of liège waffles. Liège waffles, as explained on the side of their truck, are not made from a batter, but from a yeast dough that is infused with “imported sugar pearls.”


I wasn’t sure what to expect from a food truck, but the idea of sugar pearls alone was enough to get my attention.

As I approached the truck, I saw the day’s menu posted next to the liège waffle description. Divided into “sweet” and “savory,” they had 16 waffle combinations available.

I took my time deciding what to order, and ended up choosing the “Maple Bacon Bliss” sweet waffle. Described as having “two hefty strips of bacon, whole raspberries and real maple syrup,” my mouth was watering.

After only a couple of minutes, my hot, topping-covered waffle was hand delivered to me outside.

There were not any tables or chairs at the food truck, but customers didn’t seem to mind sitting scattered around the tuck. I, for no real reason, decided to take my waffle to enjoy at home. But with the overwhelming scent of bacon filling my car, I did contemplate pulling over for a taste more than once.

I blame it partly on my starving college student stomach and partly on my lack of willpower, but I took my first bite at the stoplight on Shields and Plum.

My first taste of the liège waffle was immensely satisfying. The outer layer was golden and crisp while the inside remained a firm yet fluffy texture. The waffle was slightly sweetened, presumably from the sugar pearls, but could also lend itself to a more savory recipe.

Paired with freshly-sizzled, thick-cut bacon and refreshingly tart raspberries, there is no doubt that the people of The Waffle Lab know about flavor combinations. Finished with a fine drizzle of syrup, the sweet-to-salty ratio couldn’t have been more spot on.

Each piece of the creation, while pleasing together, was individually delicious on its own. The bacon was perfectly crisp, the raspberries juicy and the waffle sweetly golden.

I consumed my Maple Bacon Bliss waffle square by square, trying to enjoy it the best I could.


After my first waffle food truck experience, I wouldn’t hesitate to stop by again and try something new. The Waffle Lab’s location and hours are ever-changing and vary depending on community events, but if you see that they’re open, give their liège waffles a try.

Collegian Reporter Madison Wittman can be reached at entertainment@collegian.com and on Twitter @madiwitt.