The five best places to get a latte in Old Town

Clarissa Davies

Getting coffee is an experience  — everything depends on the drink itself, the atmosphere of the place, the people you’re with and the service. Luckily, Fort Collins, Colorado seems to have a soft spot for eclectic and unique places to get your caffeine fix. Fort Collins is dotted with memorable and exceptional coffee shops.

Whether you’re looking for a quiet place to sit down and study, meet up with an old friend or simply grab a latte to go, look no further than the following suggestions  —  all located in Old Town Fort Collins. Better yet, these places are independently owned, so the following list includes none of that Starbucks corporate nonsense.


1. Starry Night

 This cute shop is nestled into the stores along College Avenue. It can be easy to pass if you aren’t paying attention, but a visit here is well worth it. With unique décor like giant antler chandeliers and big plush chairs, it is a quaint yet modern place to settle in, work or meet a friend. Their lattes are wonderful — made with care and rich in taste. I tried mine with caramel  —  it was heavenly. They also serve an assortment of food, including sandwiches. Bonus: Rumors speculate that Starry Night is haunted.

2. Bean Cycle

This is not just a coffee shop, but a book store, too. And not only that, but it also includes  a giant space with room for their many poetry slams and live music. Their lattes and coffee drinks are served up in giant mugs, with special care given to the latte art. I have seen everything from leaves to hearts and beyond. Many chairs and couches invite you to stay a while, and it is fun to notice old architectural and design touches in this historical building space. The Bean Cycle is a good place to gather, especially for the community.

3. Little Bird Bakeshop

In my opinion, Little Bird’s appeal lies in their giant variety of homemade goodies. From cinnamon rolls to chocolate desserts and beyond, they are hard to resist, especially if you need a compliment to your coffee. Excellent coffee, wooden accents and a small shop make you feel like you’re in a birdhouse.

4. Everyday Joe’s

Housed in a giant building with cathedral-like ceilings with wooden rafters and maximum space, Everyday Joe’s suits the local customer. In addition to serving great coffee and an assortment of drinks and food, the space is used for church services Sundays. There are odd and mismatched chairs and tables scattered throughout the cavernous place, and it is a great place to work on homework since there always seems to be room to spread out.

5. Harbinger Coffee

This industrial yet comfortable environment encourages its customers to enjoy their coffee in solitude. Harbinger is inviting, and the best place to go to work in solace  —  not socialize. It is upscale Fort Collins indeed, and feels extremely urban. A simple coffee menu is placed on the clean white walls, and fresh croissants and a few tantalizing pastries sit under the glass counter. If you’re lucky enough to snag a table, be sure to sit and enjoy a while. As for their latte, they taste like a light roast  —  not overbearing, and with a smooth finish, yet very creamy. You can tell they put care into each drink they create, and that much care is taken to make sure all customers truly feel like a guest.


Bonus (a new place): Bindle Coffee

Bindle Coffee, the newest of the previous suggestions, is located on the edge of Fort Collins, and is built in a renovated homestead house. The place is rustic and inviting, and in addition to making the best latte, they make homemade food like a lemon-lime zucchini cake. The baristas are friendly and it is a great place to sit and revel in the distinct atmosphere that Bindle possesses. I am looking forward to dreary fall evenings spent in their warm wooden confines.

Collegian Reporter Clarissa Davies can be reached at or on Twitter @DaviesClarissa.