Bindle Coffee provides savory sips and comfortable sits

Zara DeGroot

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Photos by Kevin Olson.


There’s a sign above the espresso machine at Bindle Coffee that reads, “Make good coffee.” The phrase couldn’t be less true. Bindle Coffee, originally a coffee roaster, opened the doors to its first retail shop Saturday and is the newest addition to the Fort Collins coffee scene. With wood walls, tall ceilings, cheery baristas and the mouthwatering aroma of espresso, Bindle has a seat and a tasty coffee drink waiting for you. 

When I arrived at the shop halfway through the day, there was a long line of coffee lovers eager to order a caffeinated beverage made from the beans that are roasted in-house. Large families, couples and Fort Collins’ trendiest found their way to the Prospect and Timberline location, and appeared enthusiastic about the brand-new coffee hot spot. 

The shop stayed busy — so busy that I thought they may have forgotten my drink. But the latte arrived and it was worth the wait. I often add a couple of packets of sugar to my lattes to mask the unpleasant taste of bitter espresso, but there was no need for sugary additives in this one. The drink by itself — espresso and milk — was sweet enough. I have consumed a lot of coffee in my time, and I can truly say this was one of the best lattes I have ever had.

The theme of the shop seems to be Rustic America — an American flag hangs from above and U.S. coins decorate the countertops. Even the owner was sporting some patriotism in his blue top and red sneakers. I would not have been surprised if Abraham Lincoln had strolled in and ordered a cup of pour-over.

The shop has a lot of windows, including a large garage-door-turned-window. This brings in a lot of natural light, making the environment sunny and airy. It also brought in some heat, and the area felt hot for a little bit. Thankfully, you can get your drinks iced to cool off.

Bindle perfectly exemplifies a local, quality, family-friendly coffee shop. Their motto is “Sit and Savor,” and that is exactly what you need to do. Take a trip to 1933 Jessup Dr. to see for yourself. Though you may not find Rachel and Joey sipping lattes on the couch, you will surely find a spot to relax and enjoy a delicious drink and pastry.

Take a peek at their Instagram and Facebook profiles to find out more about the shop’s happenings.

Collegian Reporter Zara DeGroot can be reached at or on Twitter @zar_degroot.