Tyler, the Creator drops a “Cherry Bomb” on Fort Collins

Erik Petrovich

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Michael Martinez was too young to get into the Aggie Theater to see his favorite rappers. He could still meet them, talk to them and get their autographs before the show, but because he was under 16, the security guards couldn’t let him in to watch the performance. In an act of defiance, he set up a chair by the tour bus and watched his favorite rappers through a crack in the back door. The theater’s security could do nothing to stop him from enjoying the show.


Tyler, the Creator and fellow Odd Future members Taco and Jasper stormed the stage at the Aggie Theatre June 26, marking the rappers’ first performance in Fort Collins. It was the 84th show the trio performed in 2015 as part of Tyler’s “Cherry Bomb” tour to promote his new album and new app, Golf Media.

Cherry Bomb is Tyler, the Creator’s most recent album and has been a topic of controversy among fans online of the L.A. rapper. While his two previous albums, “Wolf” and “Goblin,” came from the perspective of several narrators, each with distinct personalities and stories, “Cherry Bomb” is entirely focused on Tyler’s life after success, rather than his alter egos.

Taco opened the show at 9:30 p.m, two hours after the Aggie opened its doors to show-goers. Taco was once just a friend of Tyler’s, but now does most of the DJ work for his live shows. Taco warmed up the crowd with verses from songs such as Kendrick Lamar’s “Alright” from his recent hit album, “To Pimp a Butterfly.”

Tyler, the Creator and Jasper hit the stage at 9:45 p.m. The crowd hushed for just a moment as the rappers walked through the back door, and just as suddenly burst into a cacophony of praise, excitement and unfiltered profanity as they jumped straight into the opening verse of “B***h Suck D**k”, a single from Tyler’s first album, “Goblin.”

Tyler rapped for over two hours, despite announcing to the crowd, “I am f**king tired,” between the second and third songs. He and Jasper jumped and threw their hands in an unfiltered frenzy across the stage while they rapped. Jasper jumped into the crowd and crowd surfed late into a performance of “Tamale,” an upbeat and energetic song from “Wolf.”

The trio rapped 19 songs from every album of Tyler’s, including fan favorites such as “Yonkers” and “IFHY,” and also performed a few selections from Odd Future collective releases.

“He’s an a**hole to people,” said Eve Blatnik, a Fort Collins high school student, about Tyler’s music. “He speaks his mind.”

Tyler’s music contains a lot of profanity and offensive language, especially toward homosexual people. In fact, it was found that the album “Goblin” alone contained 204 uses of “f**k,” nine uses of “f*g” and 68 uses of the word “b***h.”

“Well I have gay fans and they don’t really take it offensive, so I don’t know,” Tyler said in an interview with MTV News in 2011. “If it offends you, it offends you.”

Tyler was one of the first people to publicly support fellow artist Frank Ocean when he came out about a previous relationship he had with another man.


The rapper is also known for his off-stage antics. In March 2013, police had to quell a riot that started at a show Tyler put on at the Fox Theatre in Boulder for free. In March 2014, he was arrested in Austin for inciting a riot at South by Southwest, an Austin music festival, after he cancelled a show because a car crashed into people waiting in line for him to perform.

“He inspires me,” said Pete Peterson from Colorado Springs. “He started out sleeping on his grandma’s couch and now he’s here.”

Tyler, the Creator plans to perform 28 more concerts in 2015, traveling up the United States and Canadian west coast, and then to Europe after finishing out the American portion of his tour in New York City.

 Tyler, the Creator setlist July 26, 2015, at the Aggie, Fort Collins

  • “B***h Suck D**k”
  • “Sam is Dead”
  • “Deathcamp”
  • “Tron Cat”
  • “Bimmer”
  • “Run”
  • “Jamba”
  • “Smuckers”
  • “IFHY”
  • Domo23
  • “F**king Young”
  • “Yonkers”
  • “The Brownstains”
  • “48”
  • “Rella”
  • “She”
  • “Oldie”
  • “Tamale”
  • “Keep Da O’s”

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