‘How To Get Away With Murder’ finale: What happened and what’s next

Aubrey Shanahan

I have a hole in my schedule this week, and it’s because my favorite part of #TGIT (Thank God It’s Thursday) ended its first season last week.

How to Get Away With Murder” (HTGAWM) exploded onto ABC’s Thursday lineup this past fall. It is produced by Shonda Rhimes, who also penned and created “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Scandal,” the other two sibling shows in TGIT.


If you haven’t watched “HTGAWM” yet, you need to. It is chock-full of insane, unexpected twists. I find myself saying “What??” at least once an episode.

And if you have yet to watch the show, you should stop reading right here. Consider this your spoiler warning.

During the season finale, several questions were answered and several more questions were raised, as is tradition in the land of quality television.

The big secret finally came out. We know now that it was Frank who killed Lila, (at Sam’s request, lest we forget that he is an awful person). But we also found out where Michaela’s wedding ring was, which was frankly just as shocking as the discovery of Lila’s murderer. In a short scene, we also find out that Oliver has tested positive for HIV. The biggest shocker of the night, however, was that Rebecca was killed and stowed under the stairs in the basement.

There was also a huge question raised: who or what is “Eggs 911”? I need answers.

We also need to know: what does it all mean for next season?

Frank was an unexpected perpetrator, and the writers did a great job of disguising the surprise. Now we get to find out why Frank owed Sam such a massive favor, which should prove to be a compelling storyline. Perhaps Sam never even called Frank, and the whole scene was a red herring. After all, we never actually see Frank confirmed as the one on the other side of the phone call. 

Michaela is a liability now that she has her ring. It was an odd time for Laurel to give it back to her, especially as conflicts were heating up.

While Oliver’s positive test results were heartbreaking, and it’s great to see this issue brought up on TV, its impact got a little lost in all the drama of the season finale. Hopefully future episodes will dedicate more time to this story line.

Rebecca was a hazard for the Keating Five, so it wouldn’t be terribly shocking if one of them had made the irrational decision to kill her. Many are speculating that Wes did it, as he was the last one seen with her and he had an emotional breakdown while talking to Annalise. Personally, I believe this option to be too obvious, and I’m betting on Laurel.


Laurel has proven to be cold and calculated — the fact that she kept Michaela’s ring to ensure that she wouldn’t go to the cops is smart, but cause for alarm. She’s clearly willing to do whatever it takes to protect her own interests, and it wouldn’t surprise me if she made the choice to remove Rebecca from the situation entirely.

The mystery of “Eggs 911” is even more fascinating. Who was the text sent to? Have we met their character already? Why eggs when you could choose bacon? Are these eggs over easy or sunny side up? Maybe hard-boiled? But I digress…

There’s plenty of time to speculate over all of this, though. We have a long wait ’til September, my fellow “HTGAWM” fans. Until then, we’ll have to just re-watch the first season and keep guessing.

Collegian A&E Writer Aubrey Shanahan can be reached at entertainment@collegian.com or on Twitter @aubs926.