Laporte’s Me Oh My Coffee & Pies gives locals homemade comforts

Caitlyn Berman

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Photos by Stephanie Mason and Caitlyn Berman


Located in Laporte on the way to the Poudre Canyon, Me Oh My Coffee and Pie offers customers a cozy atmosphere and delicious homemade pies.

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Owner Caitlyn Philp and Co-founder Joe Becker pose in front of Me Oh My Pie and Coffee (Photo credit: Caitlyn Berman)

From apple pie to sweet potato, the café typically has about three or four different flavors available at a time, and even takes requests.

“We place a large emphasis on buying local produce, so the menu changes seasonally based on what’s available,” said CSU alumna and Me Oh My owner, Caitlin Philp.

While Philp and her staff handmade over 200 pies for the Thanksgiving season, their kitchen and bakery produces a large variety of other tasty foods.

“We make homemade quiche, soups, scones, breakfast burritos, Noosa coffee cake and even homemade soft-serve in the summer,” said co-founder Joe Becker. “We also serve Allegro coffee.”

To create these handcrafted foods, Me Oh My sources from local companies such as Quatrix, Native Hill, Fresh Start Produce and LoCo Food Distribution. Some of these companies also attend the café’s farmer’s market.

“We typically have the farmer’s market in our parking lot on Sundays, May through October,” Philp said. “It’s just one of the several community-centered events we do.”

Other community events held at the café include public art openings, which feature artwork from the elementary students at Cache la Poudre School District across the street.

“We’ll hang their artwork up and have little art openings for them,” Philp said. “We also provide pastries for their school music recitals.”

The school community comprises a portion of the café’s regulars, along with several customers who previously frequented the Bellvue Bean.


Wendell the dog lays by the door of Oh-My-Pie ready to greet the customers. (Photo credit: Stephanie Mason)
Wendell the dog lays by the door of Oh-My-Pie ready to greet the customers. (Photo credit: Stephanie Mason)

“I used to make pies to sell to the local community, including the Bellvue Bean, and I decided to open up my own place,” Philp said. “I took over the lease on this building, which was previously held by the owners of the Bellvue Bean. They helped me get my business started.”

The building itself was originally built as a Gulf station in the 1940s, and then was passed over to many businesses including a flower shop and another coffee shop. The first coffee shop had installed a drive thru window, which Me Oh My keeps open all year.

“We’ve had people come through the drive thru on horseback before, which is funny,” Philp laughed. “Always have to have a carrot handy.”

While embracing the town culture of Laporte, Me Oh My also extends into Fort Collins, providing pastries to Everyday Joe’s and occasionally selling pies to Caffé Olé.

Philp maintains strong ties to Fort Collins, having received her bachelors and masters degrees at CSU.

“I actually studied English education in school, expecting to become a teacher. You really just never know what you’re gonna end up doing,” Philp said.

With the help of Becker and the local community, the café has blossomed into what Philp had always hoped it would be.

“The café has turned out how I imagined it would,” Philp said. “I didn’t go to business school or anything, but I always had it in the back of my mind that I would do something like this. I’m really happy with how it’s turned out.”

Me Oh My Coffee and Pie is on Facebook, where staff posts new and exciting specials available at the shop.

Collegian A&E Writer Caitlyn Berman can be reached at or on Twitter @CaitlynBerman.