Rainy day playlist

Mikaela Antonelli


Winter is fast approaching, which means more rainy and gloomy days like Monday ahead. On those gloomy days, you may want to listen to something a little more fitting for the weather while you are trudging through campus with five layers on. Don’t worry Rams. We’ve got you covered. Here is a playlist perfect for any rainy day.


Bombay Bicycle Club- How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep

This song is great for when you are riding your bike to class, or even begrudgingly getting ready for class. It perfectly captures how you feel when you are actually happy about it being a rainy gloomy day, even if you are not happy about the weather this song will get you excited to go out in the rain.

First Aid Kit- My Silver Lining

This is the title track on their new album. The song sounds like it belongs in an old western, but it is perfect for a rainy day. Swedish sisters Johanna and Klara Söderberg  have the perfect folky voices to make your rainy day perfect. The song is the perfect amount of calm and upbeat. 

Bon Iver- Blood Bank

It seems like Justin Vernon writes exclusively for gloomy days. You could easily listen to an entire Bon Iver album on a gloomy day and be perfectly content. We chose this song because it has the classic Bon Iver feel. The melody is slow and makes you think of a quiet snowy morning.

The Ghost In You- Oh Yoko

This is a cover of the classic John Lennon song. The vocals are so soothing and perfect. This is such a well done cover, The Ghost In You captures the spirit of the song beautifully. The combination of ghostly vocals and acoustic guitar scream rainy day.

Beach House- Zebra

The soundtrack to you jumping in puddles across campus. A slightly more upbeat song than the rest on this playlist, but it still has a rainy day feel. Oohs and ahhs in the background keep the song balanced between gloomy and upbeat

Beirut- Elephant Gun

Ukeleles are usually reserved for summery songs, but this is far from a summer tune. The unlikely combination of a ukelele and an accordion will make you dance in the rain. There is so much going on musically with the song that it captures your ears and you can’t help but dance alone to it.

Horse Feathers- This Is What

This song is fall and it is rainy days. Hailing from Portland Oregon, this band is no stranger to cloudy overcast weather, and they know how to make music that fits well with the weather.

Band of Horses- The Funeral

This is a classic song – definitely a blast from the past. It starts out slow, but then quickly picks up to a ballad style song. Just as the sun is starting to peak through the clouds, listen to this song to get your energy back up on a gloomy day.

Head and the Heart- Homecoming Heroes

Head and the heart are the heroes of folk. This song is so beautiful, and the piano makes the song. Anything with a piano is ideal for walking around campus on a rainy day. This song is a little folky and a little pop, perfect for the end of a rainy day.


Black Keys- Little Black Submarines

Just like “The Funeral,” this song starts off slowly but quickly picks up. This is a great song to end with, when the sun finally comes out you can still keep that rainy day mood even though the sun is out.

Collegian Interactive News Team member Mikaela Antonelli can be reached at socialmedia@collegian.com or on Twitter @mikaela_tweets.