Silver Grill Cafe offers original 1933 prices in celebration of anniversary

Sierra Cymes

Since 1890, 218 Walnut St. has been a menagerie of different businesses including a blacksmith shop, shoe repair, a barber shop and a cigar factory. As we know it, this is the location of the Silver Grill Cafe.

This week, this versatile grill is celebrating it’s 81st anniversary in a commemorative way.


From September 8-12, at the Silver Grill the first 81 plates are being sent back 81 years in time. Customers will have to pay just $0.30 for an award-winning cinnamon roll, $0.05 for a cup of hot coffee, and $0.35 for a plate of pork chops, two eggs and toast.

“The restaurant is taking a bite with this promotion in order to give back to their customers,” said Heather Beckman, a managing partner at the Grill when we sat down to talk.

Beckman says the customers will be served by waiters in their “old-style” paper hats with bow ties for the guys and dresses for the ladies. It’s a salute to the history of this restaurant that also ties into the ‘FoCo 150th anniversary’ exhibit at the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery.

After grabbing a cheap and scrumptious bite at the Silver Grill, customers and their kids are encouraged to check out the interactive dining experience exhibited at 408 Mason Court. Kids will learn 1930’s dining slang like ‘put it in a suitcase,’ meaning ‘to-go,’ while taking orders and serving up some digital fun in the kitchen.

This 81st anniversary is being placed by the Silver Grill staff with the exhibit to say another thank you to the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery.

The love of their colorful past is one of manager Danielle Lang’s favorite things about her experience working at the Grill.

“That’s what I love most about working here: the history,” Lang said.

I was able to learn a few fun facts about the Grill when I sat down with Lang.

During our talk, I noticed a long pipe stretching along the length of the bar. When I asked its purpose, she got excited and said she wanted to show me the dungeon.

Apprehensively, I followed her through the bustling kitchen and down a very narrow set of stairs to the ‘dungeon’. There turned out to be no prisoners, instead just a lighted brick room that now serves as a storage space. But Lang pointed to the back wall where there is a faded red door.


“The Old Firehouse that’s next door, back in the day was a jail. There was a tunnel and they would take the prisoners up the tunnel through these stairs to the restaurant and chain them to the bar,” explained Lang.

With a building so rich in history with such interactive specials with the community, this year’s throw-back price special is sure to attract many new and loyal customers to the Silver Grill.

When asked if the Grill will be doing an 82 plate special next year, Beckman replied, “Definitely.”

Collegian A&E Writer Sierra Cymes can be reached at or on Twitter @sierra_cymes.