Healthy eating at the Lory Student Center

Kathleen Keaveny


Of the many food options the Lory Student Center food court has to offer, some are healthier than others. Of the LSC restaurants, which items on the menu are the worst and the best for you?


Panda Express


Although hunger can often influence decisions you make in the food court, no one actually needs a double entree meal from Panda Express. A double entree meal averages 920 calories, but it can go beyond that, depending on which sides and entrees are chosen. A better alternative is going for a Panda Bowl, which offers a smaller side and an entree but is still filling. Choosing the mixed veggies as the side instead of one of the rices or noodles can give you a meal averaging 378 calories.

Subway/That’s a Wrap


With sandwich and wrap restaurants, it is important to focus on leaner meats and veggies when making your decisions. With Subway, look into getting a six inch wheat sandwich or wrap with turkey and veggies which will keep you under the 250 calorie count. Simply avoiding the footlong sandwich will cut your calorie intake in half. Avoid creamy sauces or mayonnaise, non-lean meats and cheese, because before you know it, your “healthy” six inch sandwich can be around 300 calories or more.

Taco Bell


Taco Bell is infamous for their crazy food combinations and late night munchie temptations. Do not let their salads fool you, they range from 580 to 780 calories, more than Taco Bell’s 540 calorie Crunch Wrap Supreme. Their “$ Craving” menu offers options all under 200 calories including the 180 calorie Beefy Frito Burrito, the 128 calorie Triple Layer Nachos, and 84 calorie Beefy Mini Quesadilla.

Carl’s Jr.


It is not hard to understand that Carl’s Jr. is not exactly the healthiest option the LSC food court has to offer, but if you must, there are a few healthier options available. For example, the Charbroiled BBQ Chicken sandwich stands at 390 calories compared to the 1/2 Pound Texas BBQ Thickburger, which is 1250 calories.



When it comes to Spoons, all of their soups are 240 calories and under with a few exceptions. The Creamy Country Chicken, Green Chili Cheddar with 90 Schilling Ale and Southwest Chicken Tortilla are all above 260 calories. To avoid an extra 190 calories, skip out on the focaccia bread.


Collegian Interactive News Team member Kathleen Keaveny can be reached at or on Twitter @katkeaveny.