Cat naps around campus

Studies have shown that students who get adequate amounts of sleep average an entire grade higher than students who don’t.

Between classes and social life, everyone needs to sleep, and sometimes nighttime is just not long enough. There is no shame in catching a few Z’s on campus – actually, it is quite common.


To accommodate anyone looking to sit back and sleep between classes, here is a list of the top 10 on-campus spots to nap, indoors and out.


1. Behavioral Science Building cubbies
Of all the napping spots on campus, none may be more coveted than the cubbies found in the corners of the BSB’s upper floors.

2. Library Study Zones
When it comes to peace and quiet, it is hard to beat the library’s study zones. Get there during odd hours and you might grab a coveted couch in the basement.

3. Benches in Clark C
The benches located alongside the hallways of Clark C are great for naps later in the afternoon. Bring a jacket or backpack for a pillow – it’s actually just cement under the carpet upholstery.

4. The Warner College of Natural Resources atrium
The atrium located in the Warner College of Natural Resources is like an indoor forest. You may have to curl up in a chair, but it is hard to beat the surroundings.

5. The Cube
The Cube connected to the Morgan Library is open to students 24/7, 365 days a year. Student tuitions paid for it, so why not take advantage of it and take a nap?


1. Top of Behavioral Science Building
A surprising amount of CSU students are unaware that the fourth floor of the Behavioral Science Building features a rooftop balcony that offers a fantastic view of the mountains. Why not catch some vitamin D while resting?

2. Kinetic Water Sculpture
Between the Engineering building and the Wagar building is a Kinetic Water Sculpture that collects and recycles water. The lawn surrounding the structure can be a great spot to relax and lie down.

3. The Monfort Quad
Connecting the Natural and Environmental Sciences building and Clark B is the University’s quad, which has long been a staple for students looking to nap away the afternoon.

4. The Oval
Weather permitting, the Oval is always a hot spot for students looking to take a nap in the sun. Nap under a tree or wide in the open but avoid walkways or risk being run over by a cyclist.


5. The Lagoon
With a great view of the mountains and plenty of open space, the pond across from the Lory Student Center has always been a popular nap spot. Warning: watch out for goose poop.

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