15 things to do between graduating and starting your career

You did it! You are officially a college graduate. You don’t have to tell people what you’re majoring in anymore; instead you get to tell people what your degree is in. You get to call yourself an alumni. You accomplished the four-year task called earning a degree. You go Glen Coco!

Soon Mr. Real World will sweep you off your feet, and it’ll be time to truly assimilate into the adult world. Don’t fret. Instead, spend the time between graduation and starting your career to check off these 15 things.



1) Take the day off. Sleep in, make breakfast and eat it in bed, indulge in a caramel macchiato, take a walk, spend an hour in the shower. I’m talking staycation status here. When was the last time you spent an entire day doing whatever you wanted and didn’t worry about what needed to get done?

2) Learn to knit, or bake soufflés, or play guitar.

3) Travel.

4) Get started on that portfolio.

5) Drink one too many margaritas the night before you open the retail store you’re currently employed at.

6) Update your elevator speech. Incorporate your new degree into your spiel.

7) Buy a new pair of slacks.

8) Purge your Facebook friends list.

9) Actually, while you’re at it, professionalize your online presence.


10) Give back to FoCo by volunteering at the Lincoln Center, walking dogs at the Animal House or cleaning up the Poudre River.

11) Adopt a dog. Or a cat. Or a rock.

12) Open a savings account.

13) Take someone who has influenced your life to lunch.

14) Watch the evening news.

15) Realize that the time after graduation and before starting your career is once-in-a-lifetime, and you don’t need a list to tell you how to spend it. You’re in the real world now, so do whatever makes you happy!