Seven Summer Lovin’ Date Night Ideas

Breakfast (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Summer brings feelings of excitement and adventure, and so should your dates. After all, the dinner and a movie scene can be replayed only so often. The best dates need to be flexible, but planned. Not only will a change freshen up your dates, but it’ll be sure to impress your significant other. Warm up with one of these seven date ideas:

1. The Early Birds Date


Switch it up by waking up, and pick a special spot for breakfast. Meet up with your date and walk or bike to your destination together, instead of driving. Not only will you have more one-on-one time, but it’ll be a chance to enjoy the rising sun. Watching the sunrise together definitely earns bonus points.

2. Salsa Dancing Lessons

This is a chance to show off your fun-loving side. You don’t have to be the best dancer out there, what matters is that you’re trying something new. Let it be an adventure. The two of you can even grab a cool drink afterwards. For those staying in Fort Collins, The Rio Grande (on 143 W Mountain Ave.) offers salsa dancing lessons every Tuesday night. Lessons are $3 and start at 7:30 p.m.

3. Drive-In Movie Theater

How about an old-fashioned date? A trip to the drive-in will keep it classy, and you might even get to snuggle. Unfortunately, there aren’t as many drive-ins around anymore. However, Fort Collins is home to the Holiday Twin Drive-In, located on 2206 S. Overland Trail. You won’t even have to break the bank, as the cost for a ticket is $7.

4. Geocaching

What is geocaching? It’s an activity that involves a handheld GPS. People publish the coordinates of a geocache on a website, and participants then try to find the hidden treasure. The location of geocaches can be anywhere, and the containers come in different shapes and sizes. Geocaching is ideal for a first date. It’s an unique experience, and it encourages interaction and team-work. Plus, finding a cache might provide good timing for that first kiss. Keep in mind that there are various levels of difficulty, so some caches may be easier or harder to find.

5. Take a Hike

Colorado is a gorgeous state, and the hiking opportunities are countless. If you’re going on a short hike, bring some blankets along for stargazing. Luckily, Horsetooth Reservoir is only a short distance away. An alternative: How about a picnic and some frisbee?

6. Improv Comedy Show


Everyone looks better with a smile. With the upbeat atmosphere and lighthearted mood, the date will be a night to remember. Not to mention, it’ll be fun to quote your favorite comedians later on in the night. A good sense of humor is never bad for a relationship.

Remember that dates don’t have to be elaborate to be memorable. A great date could even be as simple as finger painting or cooking. As summer nears, try to take steps outside of your comfort zone. And that person you’ve been crushing on all semester? It’s never too late to ask him/her out.

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