NoCo Hemp Expo

English: Leaf of Cannabis עברית: עלה של קנביס
English: Leaf of Cannabis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What: NoCo Hemp Expo

When: Saturday, April 5


Where: Windsor, CO at Ricky B’s Sports Bar

Admission: $15 tickets available at

The event is the first ever NoCo Hemp Expo, the mission is to expand how people view the plant and to help grow its influence in Northern Colorado. To achieve this, people with various connections to and knowledge of hemp have been invited to congregate in Windsor this Saturday.

“Hemp is buzzing right now and all across the country, we see the most energy in decades to reintroduce industrial hemp into our nation’s agriculture system,” said event organizer Morris Beegle. “Colorado is in a great position right now to be a leader in the development of the domestic industrial hemp industry.”

This development is something that one of the event’s speakers, Doug Fine, finds very exciting. Fine, who describes himself as a comedic investigative journalist, author and solar-powered goat herder, will be sharing some of what he has learned through extensive research on the subject of hemp.

He is rejoicing in what he hopes is the beginning of the end for “cannabis prohibition” in the US, and wants to present hemp as a real solution for real problems.

“The hardest part of talking about hemp, for me, is relating it with what it has to offer people and not relating it with lava lamps and flashing peace signs because I’m not that guy,” Fine said. “I’m a journalist, I’ve seen stuff in the field like a tractor made of hemp and all these real things that are in the real world. Colorado just legalized a billion dollar  cash crop and I want to talk about all the possibilities without sounding like I have a political agenda, I’m coming at this as a farmer and as a patriotic American.”

From biofuel, to diapers, to a source of vitamins and minerals in his morning shake, Fine has found a myriad of everyday practical uses for hemp. He sees it as something that has the potential to greatly impact not only America, but the world.

Bringing things down to a slightly smaller scale is Veronica Carpio, who created Colorado Hemp Coffee, is now the proud owner of a hemp seed distributor license and will also be speaking at the expo.

Carpio became motivated to grow her own hemp as a way of keeping all aspects of her coffee production local and lowering the overall cost of her product.


“I have a lot of things to talk about, but I will be focusing on what people can grow and who they can sell to,” Carpio said. “I’ll also be sharing what I’ve learned through the testing I’ve been doing on my hemp seed to make it really stable and good quality.”

Various other speakers will be present as well as musical guests including Musketeer Gripweed. All are staunch supporters of cannabis and its potential, which could very well begin taking root in Colorado.

“Hemp is an amazing crop that is good for the economy, good for the environment, and good for our personal health,” Beegle said. “The reasons behind it’s illegality are ludicrous and hypocritical, and one of my missions is to expose the lies behind the charade. People deserve to know the truth.”

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