QUIZ: What Type of Spring Breaker Are You?


English: a beach in maine on a clear day with ...
English: a beach in maine on a clear day with a sailboat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Having trouble deciding what to do over spring break? There’s lots of different ways to spend your break and sometimes it is hard to know what you would enjoy the most. Take this quiz to see how you might best enjoy your week off of classes.



1. What is your favorite season?

 – Summer (0)

– Winter (1)

– Fall (2)

– Spring (3)


2. Which pastime do you enjoy the most?

 – Swimming/Tanning (0)

– Skiing (1)


– Hiking (2)

– Sleeping (3)


3. Which of these do you like the least?

– Snow (0)

– Sunburns (1)

– Wind (2)

– Bugs (3)


4. How often do you travel out-of-state?

 – On every school break and then some (0)

– Rarely. Colorado for life. (1)

– Not every break but often or for extended periods of time. (2)

– Sometimes but it’s hard to do…(time, money, no desire, etc.) (3)


5. How do you like to socialize?

 – In big groups, loudly, lots of laughing and joking with lots of people at once (0)

– Laughing and joking but some serious talks, less people so closer relationships (1)

– In smaller groups or with the same people often with a few best friends (2)

– More one on one, really get to know people, feel intimate even if you have many many close friends (3)


Count up your points to see your spring break type:

0-3 Points: Beach/Exotic Resort

Get your summer on early. Go to the beach or somewhere warm to indulge in your travel bug. Go with a big group of friends and meet lots of new people along the way. You don’t have to plan what you do once you get to your destination, you just have to get there.

4-7 Points: Ski-Bum

This is the perfect time to hit the slopes. There’s still lots of snow and it’s warmer so you don’t have to worry about frostbite (hopefully…you never really know in Colorado). Go with your friends or family and enjoy that powder before it’s gone for five months.

8-10 Points: Adventure

Who knows where you’ll go? Maybe you like camping and hiking in the outdoors, maybe you’ll road trip somewhere to see a favorite band with some friends. All that matters to you is having a good time with your friends, that’s where the best memories come from anyway.

11-15 Points: Recoup

You’ve had a long semester and you’re only halfway through. Plus traveling is expensive and you’re saving up for your big trip in the summer. Maybe the smartest way to spend spring break is relaxing in town with friends and enjoying having free time. You might be jealous to hear of others’ travels but they’ll probably be jealous of how much sleep and free time you get over break.

 Collegian Entertainment Assistant Editor Amber Johnson can be reached at entertainment@collegian.com.